Uli Auliani

It might be a victim of free sex movie full movie Auliani challenge for Uli. Didapuk as Kanya - girls 'naughty' by director Nayato Fio Nuala, Bandung ancestors were forced to learn the same prostitute. Observations made in the Garden of Lawang, open discourse about the nightlife. There are things which are not revealed to the surface, Uli see with my own eyes.

"Like how do they (prostitutes - ed) to satisfy customers, sorry - just by looking at the pee and so forth," said Uli moment Pictures premiere production partners and the BIC Productions at Planet Hollywood on Monday (26 / 4). To get the 'secret' private actors that commercial sex, Uli was forced to spend their pay. "It is very important because I was not a prostitute who knows how to sell yourself and satisfy customers, and I'm also not a user of heroin, because usually they are too close to these drugs, although for how to use heroin, I can also lessons from temen-temen the wear and directed by the director let me look real, "explained Uli. As a result, characters can Kanya dilakoni Uli with enough 'courage' and successful.

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