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Sexy Celebs – Ayu Azhari Invited appointment in Barack Obama

Sunday, March 22nd, 2009
Ayu Azhari

appointment elected president of the United States Barack Obama no longer be held. Among the millions of people who will attend the inauguration is Ayu Azhari. Ayu confess invited as the event.

News diundangnya Mike tramp wife was inaugurating Obama justified by the power of law Ayu, Secarpiandy. Ayu he can to fill the event, but Secarpiandy not know what the role of Ayu in the hajatan Obama.

“Yes, she was invited to the event ngisi there. But I do not know what ngisi event, he was merely ngomong (if invited at the inauguration Obama),” I Secarpiandy time detikhot be contacted via ponselnya, Saturday (3/1/2009) .

Ayu be involved because know one is close to the singer who is also the U.S. will fill in the inauguration ceremony Obama. “Ayu have a friend there. Penyanyi that the events in the induction ngisi Obama. Therefore Ayu invited,” said Secarpiandy.

According to the plan of top election uncle Sam will be in the title in the National Park Service, Washington DC, on 20 January 2009 to come. Ayu has been rushing to leave on January 17 2009 tomorrow.

“Now more Ayu in Jakarta, between her husband,” said Secarpiandy

Toket Ayu Azhari

Puting Ayu Azhari

Ayu Azhari Bugil

Foto Rahma sarah bugil In Bali Beach When they are Tour in Holiday ?

Thursday, March 12th, 2009

The busy mass media reported Sarah’s naked photograph and Rahma Azhari. When the embarrassing photograph spread, this sibling older brother was in Europe. “Sarah and his child, also Rahma was to Europe,” said the manager Sarah Azhari, Lihani Leongan, when being met okezone in the lawyer’s office Farhat Abbas, Gedung Basmar the floor 1, Street Mampang Prapatan Raya No 106, Mampang, Southern Jakarta, on Tuesday (23/12/2008). Bikini ria Sarah and Rahma suspected had the person who did not like them, so as to have the heart to spread the photograph thus. “Possibly had people that did not like.” We wanted to search knew why could be in the internet. We will search knew his perpetrators, sesumbar him.Heboh foto adik ayu azhari Rahma Sarah ashari Azhari foto bugil telanjang dada Panas dan hot di bali.Di rekam tidak dengan video 3gp.

Foto Bugil Eva Celia Latjuba

Thursday, March 12th, 2009

World acting not a new thing for Eva. Eva’s growing environmental acting, as Eva is also nephew of movie director and producer canal, Mira Lesmana. Eva brand akting at age 8 years old, when play as guest stars in a joint FTV Adjie Massaid and Ayu Azhari, and her mother, Sophia Latjuba production Prima Entertainment.

Eva was selected as the best play at the film “Out of the Smoke.” A short film in the High / Scope Festival Junior High School in 2006, when he was still in school High Scope Jaksel.

In addition berakting, Eva also star soap products and herbal medicine, as well as with his mother. Currently, Multivision Plus mengorbitkannya through a sinetron entitled Sherina. In sinetron is Eva playing with Ricky Aaron, Donna, son of Aaron. Once separated from the Multivision Plus, he also invited Sinemart ago start work with Sinemart play in sinetron Juwita So Putri. Sinetron in that he akting compete with artists such as senior Rima Melati and cannon Bellina.

Wanita-wanita Sexy

Tuesday, January 6th, 2009
Blog ini dibuat hanya bertujuan untuk sekedar share aja ma temen-temen, dengan berbagi..

Ayu Azhari dengan kemolekannya

Ayu Yohan yang sexy

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