Kasus Penganiayaan|Penyiksaan Cici Paramida

Cici Paramida persecuted Suhaebi her husband, after seeing her children with another woman peak area. The following chronological events Cici Faramida.

Saturday June 13, Suhaebi that went to town to Cici Paramida, working on business. However, as a wife, Cici have another feeling.

He departs with his family to the area of Puncak, West Java. Correct course, Cici memergoki her husband with another woman in the car in the area Cibogo, Bogor, West Java, Sunday June 14 at 19:50 WIB.

Cici is directly down from the car and ransack her car. Ebi, Suhaebi also call out and bicker with Cici Paramida. Ebi not apologize, he even hit the right cheek to Cici hematoma and encouraged to asphalt to the forehead and hands hurt.

Not accept treated roughly, at 21.00 pm, the man who reported Cici will merried at12 March 2009 in Mecca to the police station Bogor. Then at 22.00 Cici a vise in the hospital and provide information to the police office at 16.00 WIB.

Furthermore, after review Cici Suhaebi undergo any examination of the morning at 04.00 WIB. Until this news was revealed, Ebi still undergoing review.

Video Penganiayaan Cici Faramida :

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