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The only drawback of Martial arts is that it is effective only in close combat situations but if your subject is fleeing away or is at a distance then the Taser and the Pepper Spray can prove to be highly effective.

There are certain parts of the human body, which are prone to severe injuries like the face, forehead, neck, abdomen, and groin. You can hit a man or your attacker in the groin and the nose for maximum impact. The strongest weapons of a woman’s body include the head, elbow, and knees.

One of the best self-defense weapons is a stun gun like the Taser C2. There are several benefits of owning or using a Taser C2 stun gun. It is handy and can be carried just about anywhere. It can be hid in the purse as it is of the size of a TV remote and can be used anywhere, anytime. It can be easily found over the internet and costs around $300.

The Pepper spray can be used for various purposes like controlling a mob, controlling riot and even as a weapon of self-defense against animals like bears, wolves, and dogs. It is completely non-lethal although it can be deadly if not used in small quantities. In 1995, the American Civil Liberties Union had documented 14 cases of pepper spray use that turned fatal. If you spray an entire can of Pepper Spray into someone’s eyes then in all probability the subject will go permanently blind.

The Pepper spray is also called an OC spray, where OC stands for Oleoresin Capsicum. It is basically a powerful lachrymatory agent, a chemical compound that can cause severe irritation in the eyes and ears and even lead to temporary blindness and severe pain. The pepper spray is used the world over by women to protect them against any anti-social element and have considerably brought down the number of sexual molestation and rape in many countries.

In such an insecure world, it is far more difficult for a woman to survive as compared to their male counterpart. But all is not lost because there are several methods or weapons that a woman can use to thwart an assaulter.

One of the most powerful and popular weapons is the pepper spray, which has a far-reaching effect. The motive behind using pepper sprays as opposed to lethal weapons like Guns is that pepper sprays or Tasers will not kill the assaulter or anyone trying to commit crime on a woman but at the same time, these weapons are extremely effective and can save a woman’s life and dignity.

Of all these crimes, rape, sexual abuse, sexual harassment in office premises and stalking has a higher rate than other crimes. In such a crime, a woman can use a pepper spray, Taser or martial art techniques for self defense.

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