Foto Bugil Eva Celia Latjuba

World acting not a new thing for Eva. Eva’s growing environmental acting, as Eva is also nephew of movie director and producer canal, Mira Lesmana. Eva brand akting at age 8 years old, when play as guest stars in a joint FTV Adjie Massaid and Ayu Azhari, and her mother, Sophia Latjuba production Prima Entertainment.

Eva was selected as the best play at the film “Out of the Smoke.” A short film in the High / Scope Festival Junior High School in 2006, when he was still in school High Scope Jaksel.

In addition berakting, Eva also star soap products and herbal medicine, as well as with his mother. Currently, Multivision Plus mengorbitkannya through a sinetron entitled Sherina. In sinetron is Eva playing with Ricky Aaron, Donna, son of Aaron. Once separated from the Multivision Plus, he also invited Sinemart ago start work with Sinemart play in sinetron Juwita So Putri. Sinetron in that he akting compete with artists such as senior Rima Melati and cannon Bellina.


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