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Magdalena, Select The Slow But Sure

Friday, February 26th, 2010
Although only acts as a third actor in the film maid, Magdalena wanted to still exist in the movies the wide screen. Magdalena confessed he actually received many offers to play the movie, but he often refused. This is because there are several reasons that made him refuse to play in these films, which themselves must beradegan naked. Wow! "Because I'm not the sort of thing, so sorry ga bisa ya, I was not a soul. If not stunt in there I do not want. Now you wake up slowly image fairly well, afraid of going to fall with such a role," said Magdalena during found in preskon the 19th anniversary of TPI at Kartika Chandra Hotel, South Jakarta.

However Magdalena still open for kissing scenes, with the condition have a strong role characters, good plot and a genius director. For Magdalena, look sexy is an alternative choice for artists who want to live instantly famous. And he would prefer to up the career slowly but surely, because he was 'crazy' fame. According keartisan is a profession and in the daily life of human beings remains normal film, which has the status as a child, brother, husband, wife etc.

"That's why I prefer to limit myself, so kecemplung into an ugly image, the future will be difficult to clean up the name. If you like what we saw, which was terimej hot stars, people will tetep stamp him as a hot star. It's better to prevent too far ahead," said. "I think it's legitimate aja, their choice. Respect those who like that. If there is not like them, probably not entertain the world colorful, flat aja," he concluded.

Lena Magdalena Sexy Presenter

Friday, June 19th, 2009
All About Lena Magdalena Presenter Seksi

Begins from her hobby follow dance competition with her friends during school formerly, Lena Magdalena then leered by Starmild to be presenter Crash Bone tv. Afterward this woman begins to jump down to comfort world and several advertisements he has starred.
Lena Magdalena (3).jpgLena Magdalena (4).jpgLena Magdalena (5).jpg

" all this by accident and obvious i like this job, " this beautiful knotty pretty woman word. to to in front of it, Lena Magdalena focus self as presenter and hope to headline wide sail film. while wait the acting, we can watching the beauty moment present program Chat Mate di O Channel.
Lena Magdalena (6).jpgLena Magdalena (7).jpgLena Magdalena (8).jpg

Girl with bandaged tank top green this is her smile always blows tempt man that see it.Lena Magdalena usually at will call with Lena always friendly if speak to fans
Lena Magdalena (9).jpgLena Magdalena (10).jpgLena Magdalena (11).jpg

Lena Magdalena always loyal will accompany beholder at program Chat Mate di O Channel television, on water at area Jakarta and vini city. but beholder can not watch chatmate program comforted and be cured the yearning at another private television program. Lena Magdalena is presenter of infotainment program

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Adoption, celebrities it famous appointment, but do you know all there must you know?
By Michael C Podlesny

Adoption., you hear of it everywhere the news. Mary-Louise Parker, star of the program televised of, grass adopted a girl of Africa, the actress Angelina Jolie and the actor Brad Pitt had adopted as well as the singer celebrates Madonna of noise, but what you would say paternity in the adopted children and the cultural gaps which are created when children of adoption of another country.

The lamb of Kathleen recently wrote in the newspaper of the exits of family which, ?adoption were the range of the field of social work but received little empirical evaluation by other disciples of family. Using the outline 2002 national of the growth of family, 378 men currently cohabiting with or married to a woman with his own children are evaluated to determine if the biological children of the `S of guarantor affect the chance of the adoption of sound `S of wife or children cohabiting of the `S of associate. The logistic results of regression support the social assumption of facilitation of role like presence of resident, divided biological children that answering generated with the associated spouse/currents is associated with a greater chance of adoption of stepparent. The presence of the biological children non-residents generated with an associated spouse/precedents reduces the chance of the adoption of father because men who have such children are less to be married. The results suggest that the men who adopt their stepchildren are rare and new and the existing biological children play a part by formalizing relationship with stepchildren.

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Foto terbaru Lena Magdalena

Thursday, November 6th, 2008

Foto Cantik Lena Magdalena, Cute manis cantik habis jadi satu.

Foto terbaru Lena Magdalena

Thursday, November 6th, 2008

Foto Cantik Lena Magdalena, Cute manis cantik habis jadi satu.