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Jenny Cortez Sexy Beauty

Friday, May 21st, 2010
Jenny Cortez was first known in the entertainment world as a photo model, and later expanded into the world of movies. Sexy girl was born October 8, 1987 before the controversial film entitled The Bride Waterfall, apparently hooked pose sexy model that has been acting in a movie ever live with Ricky Aaron Kirun Adul. Jose Poernomo movie plots are paving the way Jenny Cortez in the world of entertainment, but by then his name has not been too well known in the eyes of the public.

Name Jenny Cortez returned skyrocketed (again by the controversy, reminding us of the artist Dewi Persik). He put all his acting skills in films Waterfall Brides by acting as a girl who threatened his life because he was chased by a psychopath while vacationing with friends on an island.

Jenny Cortez was born in Jakarta, October 8, 1987. He is the second child of two brothers. With a height of 168cm and weight 48 kg, dar child pairs and Madar Asih was fond of shopping and traveling. Jenny apparently also love the romantic, as evidenced by the recognition of liked the movie Twilight Saga created by Stephenie Meyer. Besides shopping, clubbing and Jenny also likes listening to music from DJ Riri.

Regarding the film, two new films in which he stars, namely Kirun + Adul in the year 2009, and Bride's Waterfall in the same year. Waterfall plots film Bride Rizal Mantovani presents Jenny who was wearing a bikini. With a capital of topless photos and Tyas Mirasih Jenny Cortez, this film is successful because scooped a splashy promotion.

Jenny thought the scene was fair and even got a family support:

"It's my mama had first refused, but I'm trying to convince the appropriate place to explain the scene and were finally allowed,"

"I also believe with Rizal mas can develop it with results that are not to be vulgar,"

He admitted that one reason he agreed to take roles in films such Maxima Pictures because many veteran artist and director Rizal Mantovani that in fact was quite famous in the world of entertainment. Not to mention the name Tamara Bleszynski, Marcel Chandrawinata, Kieran Sidhu, and Tyas Mirasih already famous before her name.

Later, after photos of Jenny Cortez absorbing scattered around the virtual world, after the Bride's Waterfall movies, nude photos of Jenny Cortez again adorn the Internet media. This time the photos were taken during shooting of movie scenes in the movie Ghost Hunters. As there is no end to the photo absorbing sort of girl who was having a fantastic body in the eyes of the boys. With the release of Jenny Cortez nude photos, film Bride's Waterfall that has begun to fade again fueled by utilizing the momentum of other Indonesian films such as Ghost Month Peak Come and Arisan Brondong.

Jenny Cortez

Saturday, April 24th, 2010
Starting from a world model, the name of Jenny Cortez began to be known widely. From the model, he then entered the soap operas and films. Waterfall latest film is a bride Maxima Pictures production. His name began to be a conversation when he reportedly became the third person Courbuzier Deddy relationship breakdown and Kalina.

Jenny also tripped seronok photographs circulating on the internet. Got news emerged of these pictures comes from the casting film Waterfall bride, but the producer, Ody Mulya, denied this. Meanwhile, Jenny itself did admit it is a photograph for a magazine photo shoot adult male, but not including nude and topless photos.

In his personal relationships, Jenny had experienced a holiday romance with one of the ATP players, Andrew Ralph Roxburgh, but this relationship did not continue. Jenny also had close near pesinetron Ferry Ardiansyah. End of March 2010, circulated photographs of Jenny being kissed by a man, later known named Boy Hamzah. Jenny admitted if Boy was her boyfriend and had a relationship for one year. March 2010, Jenny returned to play in movie plots TIREN Maxima.