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Pro XL Girls

Sunday, May 24th, 2009

Pro XL mobile operator Girls

At XL we are working in every possible way to uniquely cater the customer’s needs through our high quality services. We are excited to share with you on the many different fronts that XL has delivered these valued services and unique offerings.

Looking at XL’s products, we may see that each is tailored to delight our subscribers, be it for the individuals or the corporate customers.We pride ourselves as an innovative company who are keen in passing along the many different products and technologies that enrich the customer’s communications needs and lifestyles.

While we feel that we are well connected with our customers, we are also well connected to a bigger network – the community that we live in. XL believes that a sustainable development of Indonesian society is a prerequisite to assuring a conducive business environment. As a responsible corporate citizen, we strive hard to provide value added to its stakeholders, but also committed to participate in the development of Indonesian society in order to realize its full potential. This is achieved through both the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program – focusing on education and also social activities oriented program under XL CSR umbrella.

pro-xl gadis

Base Transceiver Station (BTS)

We are consistently deploying our BTS network to expand network coverage and improve network quality. Our capital expenditure plan for 2007 was USD 700 million. Half of the USD 700 million was used to extend and strengthen network coverage in Java, Bali and Lombok. One third of it was used to build BTS network in Sumatera, and the remaining was used to build BTS network in the Eastern parts of Indonesia. At the end of 2007, our population coverage was 90%.

By year-end 2007, we have expanded our network coverage to East Nusa Tenggara, Maluku and Papua. We are present in the major cities of East Indonesia such as Ambon, Ternate, Jayapura, Sorong, Timika, Merauke and Kupang. As such, our coverage will reach the breadth of Indonesia from Sabang to Merauke.

During 2007, we successfully added 3,897 BTS, which brought our total BTS to 11,157, that spread across Sumatera, Java, Bali, Lombok, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, Maluku and Papua.

At the end of 2007, our national Base Station Subsystem availability was 99.9%.

pro xl gadis

Transmission Infrastructure

In 2007, we successfully expanded and reinforced our fiber optic network in several big cities in Indonesia. On the island of Java, where more than 62% of our subscribers are located, we have fiber optics network comprising of the main network (backbone) and connector network (ring). This high-capacity fiber optics backbone extends along the main railway line on the island, from West Java to Surabaya and Pasuruan in East Java.

In 2007, we installed more than 3,000 km of fiber optics network, which brings our total network (submarine and land) to more than 9,000 km.

We have built our own submarine cable network with installed capacity up to 10 gigabytes per second from West Java to Bali, Nusa Tenggara and terminating in South Sulawesi. We also have submarine cables that link Central Sulawesi with Sangatta in Kalimantan. Meanwhile, submarine cable in Ancol, North Jakarta, connects to Batam by passing the island of Bangka, to Riau Archipelago, Jambi before terminating in Batam. In inland Sumatera, we have developed terrestrial network that link the major cities of Sumatera. Soon, the main network in Sumatera will be connected to Java through submarine cable from Anyer to Kalianda which is still in development. In conjunction with the transmission network expansion, XL succeeded in applying the newest technology by building a multiplex network with a huge capacity (10 Gbps) DWDM network, MPLS and NGN network beside the conventional TDM technology that previously exists i.e. PDH, SDH and C-WDM.

pro-xl gadis model wanita

Access to International Network

In September 2007, we had completed the submarine fiber optics cable construction – Batam-Rengit Cable System (BRCS), linking Batam with Johor, Malaysia. BRCS is our main international network that offers a communication solution to international network with high speed, large capacity and competitive tariffs.

In addition to the national network, we also provide digital network microwave connecting Batam with Singapore, and Batam with Penggarang (Malaysia). These links serve as an alternative route to connect our network in Indonesia with international networks.


Currently, XL implements the latest switch technology called NGN (New Generation Network), which is a cross between MGW (Media Gateway) and MSC-S (MSC-Serve). This IPbased technology replaces the older TDM-based technology. The use of this latest technology increases capacity availability and network quality.

With this technology, we can always provide high quality service to our subscribers. By end of 2007, our Successful Call Rate was 95%, our Call Completion Rate was 99% and our Blocking Rate was below 1%.

Disaster Recovery Center

In 2007, we built a special network building in Bintaro. We also plan to build special network buildings in Bandung and Surabaya. The special network buildings are built as part of our long-term strategy to implement DRP system (Disaster Recovery Plan) and also to increase our network capacity.

pro-xl gadis

Billing System

Since 2003, we have become the first operator in Indonesia to implement “Convergence Billing System”. As a result, the data of our prepaid and postpaid customers were not processed in separate systems. This system enables us to be more flexible in creating marketing programs for our prepaid and postpaid subscribers with high level accuracy in calculating our subscribers’ bill until the last second.

Sandra Dewi "Peluang Usaha" Cover

Saturday, April 25th, 2009

We found and scanning some picture from Sandra Dewi covered at “Peluang Usaha”
Beautifull and smilling sweet.
Want to marry with me..hehehe
Relax and enjoyed..
Good Luck Sandra

Sandra Dewi And Kartini’s Day

Saturday, April 25th, 2009
Happy days kartini well, today I am very happy. Because all the women celebrate the day. Human Right every woman has equal with laki2. We as women in Indonesia should be grateful because our mother has been successfully defend your rights every woman the same rights with men in India which is well known as the emancipation. We also discuss derings in this case, Kartini and emancipation of women.

I also wear the kebaya derings today. Happy of this day, because we all presenters for custom clothing, custom clothes lest we forget this because this asset our country, and do not have the other countries that I confess that their assets. So let women in Indonesia, show, your power, we can work well and learn well. Achievement, and do not ever scared to try. But it remains free and in accordance with our nature as women east. Setujukan? this day I feel a little sad because again moments disney on ice will completed.

Raden Ajeng Kartini (April 21, 1879–September 17, 1904), was a prominent Javanese and an Indonesian national heroine. Kartini is known as a pioneer in the area of women’s rights for native Indonesians. Kartini was born into an aristocratic Javanese family in a time when Java was still part of the Dutch colony, the Dutch East Indies. Kartini’s father, Raden Mas Sosroningrat, became Regency Chief of Jepara, and her mother was Raden Mas’ first wife, but not the most important one. At this time, polygamy was a common practice among the nobility.As the wedding approached, Kartini’s attitude towards Javanese traditional customs began to change. She became more tolerant.

She began to feel that her marriage would bring good fortune for her ambition to develop a school for native women. In her letters, Kartini mentioned that not only did her esteemed husband support her desire to develop the woodcarving industry in Jepara and the school for native women, but she also mentioned that she was going to write a book. Sadly, this ambition was unrealised as a result of her premature death in 1904 at the age of 25.

Collection Jilbab Cantik

Friday, April 24th, 2009


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sexyIndonesiaIndonesianBeautyGirls/~4/aA-rrTlV_r8″ height=”1″ width=”1″/>

Manohara odelia Pinot in happy pictures

Friday, April 24th, 2009

manohara is a model of Indo. He is now in melayusia, after becoming the wife of Prince melayusia. She is very beautiful, so she became a model, very sexy manohara once.

Life is not worth living if you can’t be happy!

Sunday, April 12th, 2009

That affable smile seems never fade from his face. “I like to laugh in everything,” he tells Oops!! Exactly. This guy is a truly amiable person, so way off from the celebrity image occasionally branded arrogant.

What is your latest occupation?

Still working on FTV and romance cinemas for several production houses. Apart from that, I have taken a diplomat exam and passed.

Which embassy are you applying for?

The Embassy of Canada in Indonesia because I love Indonesia…(grins)

How is your Indonesian language course?

It’s running low for the moment, as I can converse with the ICON kids [his management] and my pure Indonesian friends. Just recently had a private teacher coming to my place, but it’s over now.

What language are you proficient in?

English, French, Indonesian, a little Mandarin and a little Thai too.

Do you still play rugby?

Right now I’m playing for the Indonesian National Team. My position in rugby is as the wing, which requires me to sprint fastest [than the others].

What’s the difference between playing rugby in Indonesia with overseas?

I surely don’t want to play overseas, because they are too harsh, too serious, and too big. It’s more fun to be here because we’re still amateur… hahaha… Out of the country they are willing to get the dreadfully pain. Different with the rugby here, starts slowly, step by step.

Are you going seriously for rugby?

Playing for the national team has got to be serious. Just recently I played for ISCI (International Sport Club of Indonesia). Different level with the national team, whereas ISCI is a combination of expatriates from many countries such as Australia, New Zealand, England, Scotland, blended into one team. This team represents Jakarta, Indonesia. We compete against clubs from Malaysia’s, Thailand’s, and Singapore’s expats as well.

How long have you been playing rugby?

For more-less 12 years.

What is your first film?

5 Sehat 4 Sempurna, the Richard Buntario’s movie, in 2002.

How was the start you got your feet wet in the acting world?

At first somebody introduced me to the modeling world. Afterward they needed someone who could be a boyband’s member. Then Richard himself called me, and my role was like the Backstreet Boys…Hahaha…

But actually you can sing?

I have to for the movie. Apart from that, my voice is just suitable for karaoke bar…hahaha…

Do you have any impressive experience during the filmmaking?

I do, when we were shooting for Suster Ngesot, Lia Waode, who played as the Suster, was like one possessed. When I had just arrived on the set, the situation was quite panic. She was lying on the floor and I saw her eyes; “gosh why are they so huge?!”, bulging out and her voice was manlike sounded. I thought, what the hell is this? Is this an exercise? Because I hardly disbelieved it. However, the other casts and crews have experienced such thing though.

You think no ghost in Canada?

There is, but unlike that kind…hehehe…

Your favorite movie star?

Kirsten Bell

What about Indonesian artist?

Um…Winky [Winky Wiryawan]! And the actress is Wulan Guritno

Things that you always do everyday

Open the facebook! Hahaha…When facebook first time came out, it was just for gathering purpose with university friends and students. Until now I’m still habit.

How many friends in your facebook?

Around a thousand, it’s still exclusive…hahaha..

How do you keep your body fit?

By doing kickboxing, rugby, boxing, and gym too. I exercise everyday whenever I can.

What is the most romantic thing you have ever done for a woman?

Revolving half of the globe just for her despite in the middle of exam. I took the exam and back again. It happened in 5 days.

She’s not an Indonesian?

Maybe Indonesian, maybe European, maybe Afghan. I won’t tell you the detail…hehehe…

What do you think of Indonesian women?

Indonesian women are nice, pretty and not much different with Caucasian women, only are they more spoiled, need more affection. The Caucasian ones are more independent, thus we must treat them differently.

You seem to be fond of humorist women

I do! Because I always, often make mistakes, and laugh at myself…hehehe…You have to find humor in everything you do. You have to be able to laugh it. I must always be positive, no matter what. I like to laugh in everything. That’s the reason why they have to be humorist.

You like traveling?

Yes, ever since a little. I was born in Tokyo because my dad was a diplomat, so we had to migrate every 3 years. Tokyo-Canada-South Korea-Canada-Thailand-Canada-Indonesia-and now [parent] residing in China.

Places you want to visit the most?

In Indonesia I want to visit Lake Toba and its Samosir Island. Overseas, I want to go to Barcelona or Greece.

The best city you have ever visited?

I love Jakarta! Hahaha… New York is my place for work, but it’s too frenzied. For vacation, every place, every city has its own positive and negative too. It’s hard to pick one. But my hometown, Vancouver, is so beautiful. What’s more, Montreal, my second hometown, is a really cool place to hangout.

Do you like going to the beachside?

Yes, definitely Bali. I’m planning to reside in Bali too.

Do you have an item you always bring everywhere?

My mother is a Buddhist, and she gave me a Buddha statue to guard me. I always carry it everywhere, I never forget it. It’s been a long time since I leaved my mom, so I feel like she’s still with me if I carry it.

3 words describing a Mike Lewis

Okay…Audacious. Hahaha..Sympathetic and what’s more..I think..intelligent.

How do you cope with bad mood and weary?

Playing games…Play Station.

Things that irk you

Traffic jam…But the most annoying thing is gossip, actually. Never believe in gossips. Once someone called me and said: “Mike, there’s this and that gossip, and bla bla bla…Is that true?” Both give me the pip – the gossip and the people who ask for confirmation over the gossips. They just come to me for gossip and confirmation.

How do you walk on your life? Just let it flow, or you already have some plans for life ahead?

You have to live your life both ways, you’ve got to have a plan but sometimes you’ve got to let it flow. If you just go along the plans, it’s not really living, you’re never alive. I have plans, yet there are many ways to make them real. I just need to choose which way to go. But yeah, I’m very casual too. To live like how it’s given to you…

What you have achieved this far, was it part of your plan?

Both. Besides the plan, in showbiz we have the lucky factor too. Thus, we should not rely on planning to keep living in this world [entertainment], we should be flexible. An actor should have second plan since we don’t know when this career would last. It could happen that suddenly I’m not allowed to work here anymore, or fans leave me, or I turn so ugly…hahaha…We’ll never know…It would be wiser if there is another plan.

Is turning to a diplomat part of your second plan too?

You can say so.

Your next wishes

Make it more, and make more money too…hahaha… and establish a business project. But it’s still a secret.

Your motto of life

Life is a handly court. You have to play the court that you get the best you can, and then with that smile on your face in all weather. That’s why I always keep smiling. Because life is not worth living if you can’t be happy. And you have to find happiness in all the small things. Yeah!


Oops!! April 2009
some pic from Esquire

Agnes Confidence Not Losing Fans

Sunday, April 12th, 2009

Kosmo! Online Malaysia

Agnes confidence not losing fans

AGNES denies opinion saying she was sick due to her losing weight of nine kilos. Contrariwise, she says hectic schedule has caused her irregular eating habit.

Indonesian singer and actress, Agnes Monica, had been criticized by some people who felt the 23 years-old being insensitive and offended Malaysians by the song Allah Peduli (God Cares). They deemed the word ‘Allah’ should not have been used in a song.

Meeting with Agnes at Plaza Senayan, Jakarta, Indonesia, the Chinese descend Christian believer has an answer over the controversy.

The singer, who is mounting popularity through her new single Teruskanlah, briefly concludes the situation by stating: “Don’t search for enemy. It is better for us all to befriend despite religion difference.”

Do you know the issue about Allah Peduli in Malaysia? What is your comment?

Yes, I do. Honestly, I’ve just known about it. Here is the thing. That song is actually a song composed specially for church worship. Allah Peduli has never been included anywhere in my albums.

At this point, I feel that this issue rose up owing to a matter of language. In my religion, which is Christian, the word ‘Allah’ is the same meaning as God and Jesus as it is mentioned in our bible.

In Indonesia it doesn’t matter at all, given that the word ‘Allah’ is also used by all the people who believe in their own religions.

Do you mean you don’t feel guilty in the usage of the word ‘Allah’?

Yes. As I said, it’s just a language problem. See, if we only see (things from) the negative side, what we get will be just negative. I’m not being insensitive, but it’s a matter of language usage.

But is the sensitivity of Malaysian Muslim different with Indonesian?

I’m not an insensitive person. It’s just to me- only because of the language problem, it could shake our harmony. Honestly, I will not apologize for the language difference.

Why do wee need to point out and find fault with this language? Why do we have to compare religions we believe in? Don’t be like that and make discrimination.

In my opinion, whatever religion or faith someone holds, if he is wicked, then he is just wicked, and vice versa. The most important thing, Allah Peduli is not a commercial song for radio play. On the contrary, Allah Peduli is a gospel number.

But don’t you afraid of losing fans in Malaysia?

I don’t. I believe my fans in Malaysia are the wise ones. I am really thankful and appreciate my fans. I also never blame for the people who banned my song and stir this issue up.

However in my opinion, rather than kicking this issue around, we’d better looking for positive thing and live in more harmonious way of society and mutual respect.

I also ask for a good deed from Malaysia’s media and all fans not to spin out the issue to any further extent. I hope this clarification will clear up the misunderstanding.

Okay, so you have just launched your third album. What is that special about Sacredly Agnezious as compared to the previous ones?

It’s an album that witnessed me turn into a producer working together with the other producers. I feel more satisfy because I worked on this album all by myself. The album is more energetic and has fresh nuance.

Besides in Indonesia, you’re also recognized in Korea?

Yes it took me by surprise too. Currently we are on a discussion about the possibility of performing for the second time there. The first response before was really enthusiastic. As a preparation, I’m learning Korean now.

What about Japan? It is said that you have someone there, right?

Oh, I have relatives there. Japan is a good country and I like it.

What I mean is, you have a boyfriend there?

(Laughs) How to say it…actually I don’t feel like talking about private things. I’m afraid it won’t happen as expected. But for now, yes there is a Japanese friend who’s very close to me. I often go there and I’m learning Japanese as well.


The Star, Malaysia

Monday April 6, 2009

Agnes says Allah Peduli a gospel number

INDONESIAN singer Agnes Monica has cleared the air over her song Allah Peduli (Allah cares) which has upset some Malaysians, saying that it was actually a gospel number.

The controversial song was banned by the Selangor Islamic Religious Council.

In an interview with Kosmo!, Agnes, 23, said the controversy was the result of a “language problem” which should not create disharmony or suspicion.

The song, she said, not a commercial song for radio play but for church worship, adding that it was not an issue in the predominantly Muslim Indonesia.

She said that Christians in Indonesia also used “Allah” to refer to God and Jesus Christ.

To a question, Agnes was quoted that she did no wrong in using the word Allah.

“That is why I said it is a language problem. I am not being insensitive but this is a use of language,” she said, adding that the difference in language usage should not be a reason to cause disharmony.

She chose not to blame those who made an issue out of the matter, adding: “Rather than debating this issue, let’s find positive things and live in harmony and mutual respect.”


2nd photo by Hendra

Gita Ready to Release New Album

Sunday, April 12th, 2009

Gita ready to release new album

As she regularly brings the single Aku Cinta Dia (I Love Him), Gita Gutawa has been considered grow up and falling in love. Daughter of musician Erwin Gutawa is falling in love?

Congratulation, everybody is getting favor the song.

Aku Cinta Dia actually belonged to the deceased Chrisye. It was just a single from the compilation album my label released in the first place. Turned out, thank God, the response is very positive. Also on the radio it’s good too, and many people are happy [with the song]. Just recently we planned to make the video clip for this single, and it will be included on my next album which will be released on April.

Did you choose this song because you are in love?

Hah! No. In a matter of songs selection, since my dad produced the album, we both discussed the songs first, not because I’m falling in love. By accident, the lyric suited me – I’m allowed to feel the love song, right? At my age, it still feels hard to sing such song, so the arrangement was accustomed with my style.

However, you truly give soul to that song whenever you perform

Do I? I feel just normal. The stage presence should congruent the song. Perhaps since I have not many sad love songs, I never pose sad. This song is so fun, about how beautiful it is when we are falling in love, so we have to look cheerful on stage.

Do you have a boyfriend already?

Not yet, I’m still single..hehehe…Not that I am not allowed to, just let it come naturally. I have many close boy friends but they don’t have to be my boyfriend. I’m still enjoying hanging out with friends. It’s fun, having lots of friends, can sing, can go to school.

Are you afraid of dating?

No. It’s just I haven’t thought of dating just yet. At this rate, all feels good, still feel no need another person to add.

What about your mom-dad?

They liberate. In fact, they sometimes tease me like ‘hey that boy is cute’. That’s all.

Have you already composed your own song?

I have. For this new album there’s 1 song that I wholly composed, and there are other 4 songs I wrote the lyrics with the other composers.

Did your papa still rectify your songs?

To tell you the truth, that song (Aku Cinta Dia) was to fill the lack in my album because papa sorted out songs that I composed, and we agreed to include best friend theme.

Do you feel insufficient?

Not really. But I don’t know about papa’s estimation. Yet papa released me to write songs as many as I could, still with the help from other musicians. Auntie Melly Goeslaw, Glenn Fredly, and the others helped me a lot. But thank God, one of my songs got a chance to be in this album.

photos: pam & melanie

Agnes Monica: "It’s Nobody’s Fault"

Sunday, April 12th, 2009

Metro Malaysia

April 5, 2009

Selebriti: Jelita Agnes Monica

It’s Nobody’s Fault

Spotting on the issue of Allah Peduli (God Cares) song and hoping it will never be fussed any longer.

By: Asmizan Mohd Samiran (who interviewed Agnes Monica in Jakarta recently)

Her appearance looked simple yet still elegant and sexy, albeit she was only wearing a mini shirt. Way different with her appearance in TV drama Jelita (Gorgeous) that has been watched by nearly 2 millions people of Malaysia, she looked skinnier and even had short hairdo too.

That was the ‘latest’ face of Agnes Monica, 22, with whom Selebriti and several Malaysia’s electronic and print media got a chance to meet in a Japanese restaurant at Senayan Square, Jakarta, last Tuesday, when she enjoyed diner with her family.

She realized many said that she was getting thinner because she was sick. But she confirmed she was getting thinner not because of ill but her hard work in singing, dancing trainings and all activities in entertainment has caused her body lose weight.

“A lot saying I am skinnier because of illness, but actually I am not. I’m thin since I’ve been busy with the trainings, and running the career as a singer and actress. It takes six hours a day just for dance training. I lost 9 kilos in 3 months,” she said.

Gorgeous…Agnes getting skinnier and short haired

Regarding her haircut, Agnes smiling replied, it started off when her hairdresser made a mistake when cutting her hair. “I got wrong haircut so I asked to get my hair even shorter instead. Turned out I feel comfy with this hairstyle because it makes easier to arrange.”

However, no matter how she looked like, Agnes still appeared gorgeous since the sexy and lively image still emerged of her.

The ultimate subject Agnes needed to answer was the song Allah Peduli which has been an issue in this country. It started out from a review of the song in Cerita Artis Kita (CAK) column, Metro Ahad news, last March 8. The song is filled with the word “Allah” to the last verse that mentioned ‘Never He let me struggle alone since Allah my Jesus understands’.

Selangor State then banned this song and the Islamic religion council Pulau Pinang (Maipp) insisted on the government to proscribe the song because it might have been lead to wrong discernment among the Muslim.

When asked about the controversy, Agnes admitted she knew about it and felt surprise. However, she said, she didn’t feel disappointed or afraid of losing fans, because to her it was merely due to the language dissimilarity.

“The song is a church song (gospel). In Indonesia, in Christian, we are allowed to call God as God, Allah and Jesus. To me it doesn’t matter, just a different term,” she stated.

As said by Agnes, she had never thought the song would become an issue. She said it relied on each person’s opinion, because if one only wanted to see something from negative point of view, negative issues would be all he could get.

“I feel that it’s (Allah Peduli song) not something need to be fussed about. The people of Malaysia have to know it’s just a matter of different term. So there’s no need to make it big to any further extent,” she said.

Agnes, a Chinese descend and Christian believer said she didn’t need to apologize because nobody was fault in this matter. She said it would have been different if she were a Malaysian.

“It’s nobody’s fault. The composer is not wrong either, because in Indonesia the word ‘Allah’ is interchangeable with ‘God’.

“Either Malaysian or Indonesian, both should know language difference could raise such a sensitive issue. Yet it’s a matter of language after all, and no one should be put blame on,” she added.

According to Agnes, she wanted to spot on this issue because she hoped it would never be discussed any further. “Enough put it to an end here. I don’t blame Malaysian people for having the thought like that.

“If we keep pointing out who’s right and wrong, we will end up talking about a nation. It is not healthy,” she answered calmly along the questions about the controversial song.

Just a pronouncement, Allah Peduli is never included in Agnes albums and she only sings the song in the church.

Besides asking a clarification on the song, the press also told Agnes about the gusto response toward Jelita in this country, and apparently she appreciated the support of her fans in Malaysia.

“I am so happy to hear that news. Who would be displeasure if his/her work is appreciated and favored?

In fact, no matter what happened, I’m convinced that Malaysian people are smart and wise to look into such case. I hope the previous matter will not disturb our good relationship and my pleasure to perform in Malaysia,” she went on.

Agnes also admitted she felt tired for the making of Jelita. “Tired! I had to keep crying because in Indonesia it aired everyday, and some scenes required me to cry. My eyes happened to be puffy for one day because I cried a lot,” she recalled.

In that 30mins interview, Agnes also told story about her new album which will be released the next day (Wednesday) live on RCTI.

full spirit…on the launching day live from RCTI

The album is titled ‘sacredly agNEZious’ that combines dance, R&B, rock, ballad and blues, and claimed better than the previous ones. For the first time Agnes took role as the producer, and even the photos for her album cover was the result of her ideas.

“I feel satisfy with this album since it came from my own taste and effort. I am also grateful working with an open-minded recording company who was willing to accept what I desired,” said the girl whose now busy learning Korean and Japanese after fluent in Mandarin.

Agnes is betting the single Teruskanlah (Carry On), and the good news for Agnes fans in this country, the album will be down in Malaysia’s market by the end of April.

Meanwhile, at the end of the meeting, Agnes confessed having a close friend from Japan although at first she refused the private inquiry.


thanks to myn for providing the scanned pictures

Charmingly Fun Daniel Mananta

Sunday, April 12th, 2009

Cleo Asks Daniel

What project are you up currently?

MTV Suka-suka Gue. It’s a merge concept between travel show and MTV Style. The MTV team and I visit places around Indonesia and overseas. Just recently, we traveled around Jogjakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, Pontianak, Singkawang, Macau, Hong Kong, Shen Zen, and many more.

The concept of this show is a mix of extreme culinary and jackass, but with MTV style. For example, when I tried ‘sea monster’ peyek (thin chip made of flour and peanuts, shrimp or small fish) in Jogjakarta, I said in front of the television (camera), “It tasted like a shit!” and then I threw it up.

Basically, I’m truly being honest. When it tastes good, I will say it’s good, and when it doesn’t, I will say it is not good. This is very different with most of the culinary programs where the presenters always say all foods are delicious.

What kind of weird food have you tasted?

Grasshopper, spider, snake, squirrel, bat, and all that. My favorite is grasshopper. Turned out it was delicious! It could substitute popcorn…hehehe…I also like salty chilled squirrel. The meat is so tender!

Apart from VJ, what else are you busy with?

I’m preparing the Indonesian idol 2009. Due to the general election, this show should be put off for a while till August. On April I will be promoting Macabre. I’m also running a private business, it’s a clothing line called Damn I Love Indonesia. We’re planning to launch our new collection.

Are you single now?

Hahaha…Yes, single and ready to mingle. Somehow I feel I became single on the perfect time. Without a girlfriend I am able to focus myself on the job, with no burden.

According to you, what is beautiful girl like?

In my opinion, all girls are beautiful. Really, I believe that every girl has beauty in their own way. Every girl has their own uniqueness and every girl pretty in their own beauty.

Do you consider yourself romantic?

Half romantic. Sometimes I could be a big lazy bastard yet sometimes I could be half-dead romantic. For example, when I’m in the middle of watching a cool DVD, I can be reluctant to answer my girlfriend’s call. Yet in some other occasions, I do lots of things that make a woman moved.

One thing that you don’t understand from woman?

How could they bleed every single month and give birth, but still afraid of cockroaches! That’s ironically funny. Hahaha…

5 Facts about Daniel Mananta:

#1 – Very fond of L’arc en Ciel that he even once flied to Hong Kong to watch their concert. In the concert he cried because finally he could meet his idol!

#2 – His motto of life is “some will, some want, so what?”

#3 – After graduated from Edith Cowan University in Australia, Daniel searched a job by visiting around 100 companies, wearing suit and tie.

#4 – The eldest of two, his brother is a professional golf athlete and coach. Daniel was supportive of his brother’s decision to learn golf in Shanghai.

#5 – Likes Katy Perry’s songs. It’s spontaneous and unorganized. Daniel feels like returning to a boy again.


Cleo, April 2009