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"Marriage is not always beautiful" – Dewi Sandra

Saturday, March 28th, 2009

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“Marriage is not always beautiful”

In the world of Dewi Sandra now, troubles are perceived as the game of life. Instead of warding off the nuptials issue she’s facing, the presenter and singer who’s also in high demand as the model for lots of cosmetic products, shares her positive perspective. With optimistic and full spirit, the 28 years-old tells about love, marriage, and sacrifice.

You still look cheerful despite the issue about your marriage which has been stirringly reported. How come?

I never want to think about that matter. I’m invulnerable. I’ve been living with that news for years, so I’m just going through the life by keeping (my) positive thinking. I don’t want to drown in sorrow. The problem is there to be solved immediately, not just to be grieved upon. Most importantly, we must try. I believe God will never let us sink.

How important the surrounds sportive to you?

Very important. When you live in the negative environment, you can be negative too. Positive environment turns us to be positive. I was still young on my first marriage, still wanted to win myself, and still couldn’t choose the right friends. When I told my problem to friends, they suggested me to just get divorce. But now is different. I’m able to choose friends or my surrounds. Good environment will not encourage us to a divorce.

My husband is the best teacher to make me become better. I’m very grateful for that. Besides, I should commit to my marriage as well, since I got married not because I was forced to. I decided it by myself, so I cannot be swaying with the wind. I will not change my mind in the middle of our journey.

Does it mean you’re going to keep the marriage up?

I must. With the support of my family and surrounding, I will keep fighting to carry on this marriage.

With all the fluctuation of problems that exists?

No marriage will be happy from the beginning until the end. It only happened in fairy tale. The marriage trial begins just when we’re getting married, either on my first or second marriage. I’m sure that every marriage will face trials. Even in king’s marriage that has everything. That’s why you’d better think wise before you decide to get it on.

Learning from the failure of the first marriage, and now the trouble in your second one, how do you sense a marriage?

Marriage is learning. Don’t fall into too much high expectation and hope. Hoping that your husband will go home earlier, or have candle lit diner together, and then you feel disappointed. What about we thinking of giving, it would be different.

On one of the media, Glenn admits separate house. Is that true?

To me, the news on the media saying that we’ve separated house, is not important. Everybody has his own way to solve the problem. I will not talk about whether or not we separated house.

It is said that marriage would go well only if there’s the same spirit and determination from husband-wife to keep it. Does Glenn have the same spirit?

First, I and Glenn feel that although we’re not together, we’re still husband and wife. I’m positive, if God blesses we will arrive to a point that best for both of us. I’m convinced we have the same perception, yet to get onto this particular point needs a process. I’m so sure it will make a good final.

Every marriage is so beautiful, sacred. Promise before God and witnessed by many people. It doesn’t feel right when something so beautiful must run aground. Marriage is an extraordinary institute like a jewel. The more it gets polished, the more shining it becomes.

Have any special advice for those who want to get married?

Marriage doesn’t engage just husband and wife, but two families together. So give yourself a good consideration before you decide to do it. And marriage is identical with sacrifice. My friend, who’s just married recently, said the best thought of marriage is 95 of giving and 5 percent of taking. Don’t expect 50-50 since you’re going to be disappointed. Beautiful things could only happen if we’re ready to give.

Do you believe in soulmate?

I used to believe and convinced that soulmate was the one who would become our spouse. But now, with all my experiences of life, I feel that soulmate is in our very own soul. We must complete our soul first before we’re able to make complete other people’s soul. Don’t expect others will give us happiness. Make yourself happy first, and then you can give happiness to the others.


Kartini, March 2009

PS: Just today we heard Glenn has filed a divorce. We don’t know what exactly is going on between the two, but we wish them all the best and may they find the best solution.

Jessica interviews on WHO Magazine

Saturday, March 28th, 2009
WHO FIRST for celebrity news

WHO Magazine

Celebrity Interviews

Mar 16, 2009

The dazzling smile is familiar, but as a confident Jessica Mauboy works the camera in a shorter-than-short minidress, she has blossomed from the cherubic 17-year-old we met on Australian idol in 2006, who at size 12 was infamously told by judge Kyle Sandilands to “lose the jelly belly.”

Today, she has every reason to shine – since coming runner-up to Damien Leith, Mauboy scored a record deal with Sony BMG, sang with the Young Divas and released her debut album, Been Waiting, on Nov. 22. In 2009 she will make her big-screen debut in the Indigenous musical Bran Nue Dae.

And it’s not just her career that’s hitting a high note: in a decision to “get active” in the lead-up to her solo effort (her first single, “Running Back,” peaked at No. 3 on the ARIA singles chart), the 1.64m Mauboy has toned up and trimmed down by 6kg.

“Although I feel really confident about my body,” says the shoe fanatic (“the higher the better for that lean line”), she insists it’s not about losing weight. “Going solo, I wanted to look good, feel happy and healthy and have a lot of energy for performing.”

To that end, she established an exercise regimen with the month-long help of a personal trainer, and now does four cardio sessions a week, including half-hour runs and push-up, sit-up and lunge circuits. “I wish I could be more strict with diet”, concedes the bread-lover, who reduced fried foods and carbs, opting for omelettes, salads, fish and chicken, with bananas and cashews as snacks.

“I’m pretty chilled out with it,” says Mauboy, 19, who allows herself one day a week to satisfy her indulgence: Ferrero Rocher chocolate. Within a month, “I felt healthier and had a lot more energy to get through my day.”

But it wasn’t always that way. “Stress got to me while I was on Idol and I started eating,” says Mauboy, who insists she took no offence at Sandilands’s comment. “I kind of took it as a joke,” she says. “I look back on it as a positive thing – it made me a stronger person.”

Despite a soaring career, Mauboy, who weighs 54kg and wears a size-8 top and 10 bottom, says she’s not feeling any pressure to look slim, and hopes to set a positive example to her fans. “I’ve always had the mindset that if I feel good, I look good,” says the Darwin-born singer, the fourth of her Indonesian father Ferdie and Indigenous Australian mother Theresa’s six children.

Will she be flaunting a bikini this summer? “I probably won’t have time to get to the beach,” says Mauboy, who admires the shapes of Jessica Biel and Beyonce. “But I’m definitely proud of my curves – thanks, mum and dad!”

By Alicia Neil

Nicholas to Present at 3rd Asian Film Awards Hong Kong

Saturday, March 28th, 2009


CHANNEL [V] Host Among A-List Stars in Attendance

17 March, Hong Kong – CHANNEL [V] VJ Nicholas Saputra has been invited to present at this year’s 3rd Annual Asian Film Awards (AFA). Held at Hong Kong’s Convention & Exhibition Centre on Mon, 23 Mar, the ceremony honors the best filmmakers and actors in Asian cinema.

Since only the most popular stars are asked to present at this prestigious event, Nicholas Saputra has confirmed his place as one of the biggest names in Asian cinema. Nicholas was first invited to present at the 2007 Asian Film Awards. That year, Indonesian-born Nicholas was a co-presenter alongside Hong Kong heavyweight Daniel Wu and Korean heartthrob Lee Byung Hun.

At the 2009 ceremony, Nicholas will share the stage with Japanese beauty Chie Tanaka, the star of the blockbuster Cape No.7. Together they will award the trophy for Best Visual Effects, a category which sees three films competing: China’s Red Cliff, South Korea’s The Good, The Bad, The Weird and Japan’s Paco and the Magical Book.

This latest honor marks another career high for Nicholas Saputra. Since making his film debut in 2002’s Ada Apa Dengan Cinta?, the 25-year-old has headlined six movies and attracted media attention with his award-winning performances.

His turn in the romantic comedy Janji Joni (Joni’s Promise) landed him a Best Actor nomination at the 2005 Asia Pacific Film Festival. That same year, his powerful performance as 60s activist Soe Hok Gie in the biopic Gie earned him a Best Actor.

Nicholas has also been kept busy with his work as a CHANNEL [V] VJ. As a host on Asia’s No.1 youth network, his fame now extends beyond his homeland, stretching across all of Southeast Asia.

Nicholas traveled to the 2008 Grammy Awards and his assignments have taken him from exotic Athens as he interviewed A-list actors, Meryl Streep and Pierce Brosnan for the Mamma Mia! the movie international press junket, to Singapore, to interview Ali Larter, Greg Grunberg, Masi Oka & Sendhil Ramamurthy for hit TV series HEROES.

Nicholas has also interviewed a varied host of music celebrities, some of the latest being Jason Mraz, Fall Out Boy and Coldplay.

His prominence in the Asian film industry was also recognised when he was selected as a member of the jury at the 21st Singapore International Film Festival. (*)

Premieres Sun, 5 Apr @ 8pm

Encore: Mon at 2am

About Channel [V]

Channel [V] is Asia’s leading music service provider and currently operates seven popular television channels in Asia and Australasia – Channel [V] India, Channel [V] International, Channel [V] Mainland China, Channel [V] Taiwan, Channel [V] Thailand, Channel [V] Australia and Channel [V] Korea. Channel [V] is seen in more than 53 million homes on a 24-hour basis.

More information on all Channel [V] services can be found on

For further information or high-resolution visuals, please contact Naomi Lim, tel: +603 2615 0064 or email:

Indonesian Release:


Host Channel [V] hadir di antara para undangan bintang papan atas

Hong Kong, 17 Maret – VJ Channel [V] Nicholas Saputra didaulat untuk membawakan acara 3rd Annual Asian Film Awards (AFA) tahun ini yang diselenggarakan di Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre pada hari Senin 23 Maret. Acara ini sekaligus menjadi acara malam penganugerahan insan film berprestasi dari jagad perfilman Asia.

Tidak dapat dipungkiri lagi, Nicholas Saputra tercatat sebagai salah satu nama besar perfileman Asia saat ini. Dan memang, hanya para bintang ternama saja yang diminta membawakan acara bergengsi tersebut. Nicholas pertama kalinya didaulat untuk membawakan acara pada Asian Film Awards 2007. Aktor kelahiran Indonesia tersebut hadir mendampingi bintang senior Hong Kong, Daniel Wu dan aktor rupawan Korea, Lee Byung Hun.

Pada perhelatan tahun 2009, Nicholas akan hadir sepanggung dengan aktris cantik Jepang Chie Tanaka, salah satu pemain dalam Cape No.7, film yang sukses meraih peringkat blockbuster. Keduanya akan memberikan anugerah trophy Efek Visual Terbaik lewat tiga nominasi film yang bersaing yaitu Red Cliff (China), The Good, The Bad, The Weird (Korea) dan Paco and the Magical Book (Jepang).

Prestasi terakhir ini menandai puncak karir Nicholas Saputra. Sejak pembuatan filmnya yang pertama yaitu Ada Apa Dengan Cinta?, pada tahun 2002 pria berusia 25 tahun ini telah membintangi enam film layar lebar dan sukses meraih perhatian media lewat aktingnya yang memukau.

Perannya dalam komedi romantis Janji Joni mengangkat namanya sebagai nominator aktor terbaik lewat ajang Festival Fim Asia Pasifik 2005. Di tahun yang sama, perannya yang luar biasa sebagai aktivitis era tahun 60-an Soe Hok Gie lewat biopic Gie berhasil membawanya menjadi aktor terbaik.

Saat ini, Nicholas banyak disibukkan dengan pekerjaannya sebagai VJ Channel [V]. Tampil sebagai pemandu acara dalam saluran remaja nomor satu tersebut, sukses melambungkan namanya hingga ke seluruh penjuru Asia Tenggara.

Tahun 2008 lalu, Nicholas turut menghadiri Grammy Awards. Dari Athens yang eksotis, ia sempat mewawancarai bintang-bintang film papan atas dunia seperti Meryl Streep dan Pierce Brosnan untuk Mamma Mia! Kemudian ia pun terbang ke Singapura untuk mewawancarai Ali Larter, Greg Grunberg, Masi Oka dan Sendhil Ramamurthy para pemeran serial TV ternama HEROES. Nicholas juga sempat mewawancarai para selebriti musik dunia seperti Jason Mraz, Fall Out Boy dan Coldplay.

Keberadaan Nicholas Saputra di industri film Asia semakin diakui pada saat ia menjadi anggota tim juri pada Singapore International Film Festival ke- 21.

Saksikan 3rd ASIAN FILM AWARDS hanya di STAR WOLRD
Perdana, Minggu 5 April pukul 20.00
Tayangan Ulang : Senin, pkl 02.00

second & third pics credit to: glenn prasetya

Agnes Monica, Rossa Nominees at SCTV Music Awards 2009

Saturday, March 28th, 2009

Agnes and Rossa will battle on SCTVMA

The annual event to honor Indonesian musicians, the 7th SCTV Music Awards is coming yet again this year, bringing up the theme of ‘Indonesian Music Democracy Party’.

Just like previous years, the musicians who get nominated in the SCTV Music Awards (SCTVMA) are those whose album sold more than 100,000 copies during 2008. Based on the data gathered from the producers and other sources, finally 21 musicians from a range of genre manage to be the nominees in 9 categories, which are: Pop Solo Album, Pop Duo/Group Album, Breakthrough Album, Most Popular Song, and also 5 Special Awards including Keyboardist of The Year, Drummer of The Year, Bassist of The Year, Guitarist of The Year, and Vocalist of The Year.

Indonesian top female singers, Pop Princess Agnes Monica and Rossa the Ballad Queen, are two of the lucky 21 to compete in SCTVMA this year. Both Agnes Monica and Rossa will battle in the category of Best Solo Singer. Apart from that, Rossa who’s just released her self titled album, also gets nomination in the Most Popular Song and Best Pop Solo Album categories as well.

The winners will be selected based on the panel of judges for Best categories, and on viewers’ choice through the poll to vote for Most Popular. The poll opens from 19 March to 30 April 2009, and the video clips of all musicians will air for one and a half month on SCTV.

The SCTV Music Awards grand night will be held on May 29, 2009 and Rossa will perform alongside Ungu, Afgan, Mulan Jameela, Padi, D’Masiv, and many more.

New Single Teruskanlah

In the meantime, on March 16, Agnes Monica has just launched her third single Teruskanlah (Carry On) that’s taken from her upcoming album ‘Sacredly Agnezious’, which was aired in 5 selected radio stations at 4pm all at once, all over Indonesia’s big cities.

Following two big hits Matahariku (My sun) and Godai Aku Lagi (Tease Me More), Agnes is ready to launch her most anticipated album on 1st April 2009. The album launching will be set as a live show ‘Agnes Monica Live Performance’ on RCTI at 9pm onward.

The album itself contains of 10 songs and will be having 2 versions – the regular and the limited edition version. The limited edition will have 3 more songs as an intro, interlude, and outro, all are composed by Agnes herself.

The album also contains a variety of music genre from dance, hip hop, R&B, rock, and ballad to blues, arranged by famous composers and musicians such as Pay, Erwin Gutawa, Yudis Dwikorana, Badai “Kerispatih”, and DJ Sumantri.


Nico: “Being a journalist turns out so fascinating!”

Saturday, March 28th, 2009

Having engaged in wide screen for quite a long time, Nicholas finally calls on the glass screen. What is his new hobby like?

Seventeen (17): Hi Nico, how are you? Please tell us about what you are up now!

Nico (N): Hi Seventeen! I’m fine. Up till now I’m still busy working as the Video Jockey (VJ) on Channel [V], a-24-hours music channel from Malaysia.

(17): What was the beginning like, that you could get this offer?

(N): At the beginning I was interviewed by Channel [V] for the promotion of 3 Hari Untuk Selamanya (3 Days to Forever) in 2007. But when they had my interview, I was offered to come for audition in Singapore. Since I was very interested, I buzzed off to Singapore for a camera test and finally I was accepted.

(17): Is it hard to arrange the schedule since you must go back and forth Jakarta?

(N): Actually it’s not too tricky or hard because the schedule has been prepared since days back before, so there’s never any collide.

(17): Including for dating schedule with girlfriend?

(N): Hehehehe…Girlfriend? There are some ways… (he keeps secret of this girl)

(cr. glen prasetya)

(17): Do you sometimes miss hanging out with your old friends?

(N): As much as hectic I am I still often meet with my friends. We usually hang out at the restaurants, café, or even at my house.

(17): Normally you get interviewed, now how does it feel to interview other people when you are a VJ?

(N): It is very enjoyable! It turns to a reverse position, and I got to know what should be noticed when solicit questions. It’s so fascinating indeed. Especially when I interviewed Meryl Streep, Kanye West, and Slash, really impressive!

(17): What’s the happiest thing you won’t ever forget from 2008?

(N): I could get to travel to various countries, sightseeing and meet up many people. For example when I had to cover behind the scene of Mamma Mia on Skopelos Island, Greece, I greeted all the actors/actresses. The VJ profession truly makes me having experiences as a journalist that turns out, very fascinating!

(17): Between VJ, actor, and model, which job do you like the most?

(N): I like all of them, but if I have to choose, I would choose to be an actor.

(17): Whenever there you are, for sure lots of reporters drop upon you right away. What kind of question which can turn your mood off?

(N): I really don’t like the questions beginning with “I heard…”, “Rumor has it…”, or “They say…”. I just want to duck out!

(17): Your current favorite album?

(N): Viva La Vida… from Coldplay. In my opinion, Coldplay plays cool music. It’s proven when their album won 3 Grammies this year. In fact I have never liked them until I listened to this album.

(cr. glen prasetya)

(17): Back to the film, the character you play in each film is always different. Is it by your own request?

(N): Actually I never do it by purpose, but indeed I always search for challenge and put different identity into each character I play. Any character – as long as it will be done with excellence and the script looks good too – I will certainly go for it.

(17): In selecting the film that you will play, what do you usually notice? The script, the counterpart, or the director?

(N): The script, the producer, and the director. These three elements, when I feel fitting in and comfortable with, will certainly make a good mood when we’re working on it, therefore it will get the utmost outcome too.

(17): Three films you like the most

(N): I’m fond of Cinema Paradiso, No Country for Old Men, and Babel.

(17): This year what film are you going to play? Please give us a hint!

(N): So far there is no specific offer for 2009 yet, but when it comes I will certainly tell Seventeen. Just look for it, okay. I also hope to get much more challenging character.


5 random facts about Nico:

- Nico always misses a Semarang cooking, that is Sate Kapuran (Kapuran Satay).
- When he wants to go traveling alone, Nico will go to the beach and villages in Aceh.
- Nico dislikes ignorant girl the most.
- Always traveling every time he is vacant.
- When he was a little, Nico was intimately called ‘Nung’.

Seventeen, March 2009

Jess Gets 2 Nomination at MTV Australia Awards 2009

Saturday, March 28th, 2009

Vote NOW For Jess Mauboy At The 2009 MTV VMAs

Voting has commenced for the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards with Jess Mauboy up for TWO AWARDS including BEST AUSSIE and BEST COLLABORATION with Flo Rida for ‘Running Back’.

Register and cast your vote HERE, and you could score yourself a double pass to the Vodafone MTV Australia Awards 2009 every week until voting closes on Wednesday March 25 2009!

Jess Mauboy To Perform On A “Global Stage” At The Vodafone MTV Australia Awards!

Her first performance may have been to a small crowd in an outback town in Darwin but Jessica Mauboy will now have a much larger audience as she takes to the stage to perform at the Vodafone MTV Australia Awards 2009.

This year’s Awards will be broadcast as part of MTV’s ‘World Stage’, an international program that sees the same live music performance(s) aired in the same time slot, on the same day, across 62 MTV channels globally.

“I am so excited about performing at the Vodafone MTV Australia Awards in Sydney, especially as it will now be broadcast all around the world!”, said Mauboy. “It will be amazing to perform alongside acts such as The Killers and to show the world what Aussie music is all about!”

The local and international artists taking part in the Vodafone MTV Australia Awards are set to receive unprecedented international exposure as MTV Networks Australia’s 5th annual awards ceremony is transmitted across 62 MTV channels and 162 countries in Europe, Asia, Latin America and Canada on MTV’s ‘World Stage’, an initiative which showcases live performances to music lovers across MTV’s international network.

“By putting the full weight of MTV’s international network behind the Awards we are able to give Australian artists unrivaled profile on a global stage,” said Dave Sibley, Managing Director, MTV Networks Australia & New Zealand. “Securing worldwide exposure is a testament to the quality of those artists, and to the quality of output from MTV’s Australian unit.”

Jessica Mauboy will join performers The Fray, The Killers, Kings Of Leon (via satellite) and Adelaide’s Sia. Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz will host this year’s show, while The Hills cast member and ‘It Girl’, Audrina Patridge, will host the ‘The Red Carpet At The Vodafone MTV Australia Awards’.

Vote NOW at, and you could be eligible to win a double pass to the Vodafone MTV Australia Awards 2009 every week until voting closes on Wednesday March 25, 2009! Users can also vote via SMS by texting ‘Vote’ to 191 MTV (688).

The Vodafone MTV Australia Awards 2009 will broadcast live from the Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre, Darling Harbour, on MTV Australia, Friday March 27, 7:30pm (AEDT) Red Carpet, 8:30pm (AEDT) main show. Encore screening on FOX8 Sunday April 5 at 10:00pm.


(cr. mariahfan)

Official Video of Jess’ BEEN WAITING new single

Time for self indulging

Saturday, March 28th, 2009

Dian Sastrowardoyo: “It’s time for indulging myself…”

“I have had quite an exhausting year since completing 2 films 3 Doa 3 Cinta and Drupadi. Moreover, I had a share in this film, not only in acting but also as the producer, putting my feet into searching for investors and organizing budget flow. exciting yet exhausting!”

“Having put myself up a hard work last year, now I just want to pamper myself. My daily routine is just around the gym and yoga class. When I’m not doing both, I watch DVD at home or walk around the mall for sightseeing and taking up big sale.”

“Honestly, I’m not too pushy to go through my life. It is so different with my early 20’s where I still had lots of requests. Now I’m able to accept the fact that sometimes I cannot get anything I want. That’s why I don’t want to be so demanding when doing something. Just let flow!”

Shifting gears?
“Taking time and some rest from film don’t indicate that I’ve become unemployed. In fact currently I have another occupation, which is writing freelance articles for the media and companies. I’ve just finished my thesis last year, hence I still feel familiar with writings and data gatherings. I decided to keep it up as a job.”

“Even though I’ve been devoting myself to entertainment wagon for the whole time, it doesn’t mean I close the chance to have a profession on other field. What’s more I’m still young, so I still have chances to expand my might. I want to have contented adventure so that I won’t feel any regrets on my old days.”

“I want to experience the demands people deal with in regular office, such as adaptation with the working place and colleagues, to having cooperated with them. I think the intellectual capacity seems to be more challenging than ‘just’ memorizing the script.”

The importance of best friends
“Going 27 years-old, I’m getting closer with best friends even more, who’ve been more like my own family. We hang out so often and discuss our problems. Besides looking for solution, we try to draw some lessons over every problem we face.”

“One of the topics we discuss a lot is about being a single. Not a few women –including me- feel afraid of being alone. In actual fact, I think there are lots of things one can do despite their single condition. For instance, knowing yourself more and digging your self-potentials as the ways of self actualization. Keep more positive thinking!”

“I and my best friends often talk about body weight too. Personally, I’m quite happy with my body now. I happened to be a little overweight but still felt attractive. But when involved in a film or commercials, I have to be professional and reduce weight by consuming healthy food.”

Dian is …

Never having her birthday party celebrated
“Normally, my friends come by my house at 12am to celebrate.”

Lazy to put on some makeup
“I rarely go parties because I don’t quite like makeup. Normally I just come to my close friends’ parties.”

A sunup wakeup enthusiast
“Even on holidays I still wake up before 8 o’clock in the morning. And next, I disturb my friend, waking her up for jogging together, hehehe…”

Cita Cinta, March 2009

Sandra Dewi New Yaris Icon

Saturday, March 28th, 2009

Beauty Actress Sandra Dewi back into icons for New Toyota Yaris by PT Toyota Astra Motor (TAM). Sandra lovers who are Toyota products, consumers are loyal and day-to-day or a Yaris Avanza. The two cars that support the day-to-day operations as an artist or model.

“From my first Toyota and the user is happy to entrust PT TAM to me as the icon Yaris,” he said. Sandra’s experience add the Toyota Yaris, he felt the sensation itself. “Sprightly and nimble car. It is very fitting for us-we are young spirited. In addition kabinnya very comfortable, “augment him.

Wearing Yaris since two years ago, Sandra recognizes its fuel consumption is very economical. Therefore, he suggests, especially young people who still choose to study Yaris. “Guaranteed the Yaris deh more sparingly,” the message.

Beauty Face

Saturday, March 28th, 2009

“Alhamdulillah, God created the face like this. I’m just grateful to be beautiful,” she added.

Despite already have a boyfriend, Reva confess not afraid to appear beautiful in the general population. Because according to him, is the boyfriend, Kemal, often praised beauty.

“He would always want to appear beautiful. No problems, ok. Beauty is to be protected,” funny guy who has a foster child is hundreds of people. Despite so, Reva that do not have the desire to quickly get married. Because according to him, when his career is more important and the process of introducing more.

Luna Maya & OB (Office Boy) Shift 2 Comedy

Saturday, March 28th, 2009
Many people doubt the artist can not play beautiful situation comedy. Mistaken belief that in fact. This is evidenced when the beautiful Luna Maya gets contract for 65 the first episode to appear on sitkom Office Boy (OB) Shift 2 which will begin on 25 March 2009 in RCTI.
The role of Luna in the OB Shift 2 is quite central. Luna as Sukma Lusi Rukmini or familiar call Bu Suk, the lead Luna OKTV general manager positions with the HRD. That is, the position of Bu Suk (Luna) is the immediate superior Pak Taka Soebrata (Marlon Renaldy). Thus, the power of the Pak Taka that during this very power is not absolute anymore.

According to the producer OB Shift 2 Winny Rosalina, Sukma character already prepared a long time. Far before the appointed Luna get involved in sitkom simply commandeer the public’s attention during the 611 episodes.

Luna is involved in the selection sitkom OB Shift 2 is the ability to see after the acting of Luna mumpuniis very good. “Every player in the OB is not there a jaim and we find the characters that match. We already have image problems Bu Suk and we select Luna because he is a multi-talent, beautiful and not “jaim”. We see Luna in Dahsyat that appear to Scrolling and she is not “Jaim”. Hence, we select him without casting, “said Winny.

Luna has happened several times in the OB. However, the artist does not mean others do not be. There are a number of potential candidate OB Shift 2 as Maia Estianty or Sarah Azhari. But, the characters and can match that ignites the film 30 Day Finding Love this.

“Luna is ideal for OB. Beautiful, must be fierce and the profession as a model. So if in the office, he always shows the appearance of interest,” called Winny.

OB Sitkom Shift 2 is not only a difference in the new character played Luna Maya. However, each character has been re-developed so that people feel more complete now enjoy the spectacle this OB Shift 2. Begins when Pak Taka know if the secretary that, Saschya (Winda Viska) appeared to have a relationship with Gusti (Bayu Oktara).

Pak Taka also seek attention with sham suffering Parkinson disease, alzaimer, amnesia and sit in a chair with wheels. Meanwhile, Susi (mendeng Caroline) married with Sayuti.