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Sacredly Agnezious Released

Sunday, April 12th, 2009
Agnes Monica successful concert for the new album launching

Sacredly Agnezious album booklet

April 1st is not always connected to April Fool. It sometimes gives pretty much chills and excited feeling to some people. April 1st, 2009, seemed to be the best day for Indonesian Pop Princess Agnes Monica to release her 3rd mature album (or her 5th album), 3 years after ‘Whaddup A?!’ down in stores.

The album titled ‘Sacredly Agnezious’ is likely the answer to her fans who had been dying waiting for her new breakthrough in music, as she always did before. However, before the album released, the 22 years-old has already thrown 3 singles to the market; Matahariku, Godai Aku Lagi, and the recent Teruskanlah, which gained huge public responses.

The album itself is wholly produced by Agnes Monica herself, and she also composed some of the songs including the hit Shake It Off which happened to amaze the people at the Asian Song Festival 2008 in Korea.

Not only is she produced the album, on the launching day the multi-talented artist also produced -all by herself- the whole concept of her concert which was live aired on RCTI, April 1, 2009. Supported by her sizzling dancers NEZindaHooD and her own band inNEZsense and all uniquely costumes, the singer who’s just become one of Class Music Heroes 2009, shew off energetic and good showmanship to the audience and her loyal fans.

They came all the way not only from several cities in Indonesia, but also Brunei, Malaysia, and Singapore which united under one flag of NIC (Nez In da Club).

Three guest stars were Bams from the Samsons, Hijau Daun band that also won Class Music Heroes 2009, and Armand Maulana from Gigi. In this one hour full-packed show, Agnes performed her old as well as new singles such as Ku Tlah Jatuh Cinta, Jera, Tak Bisa (duet with Bams Samsons), Teruskanlah, A.G.N.E.Z, Godai Aku Lagi, Matahariku, Ku Disini (duet with Armand Maulana from Gigi).

‘Sacredly Agnezious’ is released in 2 packages/versions; Limited Edition which contains 13 songs including intro [Sacredly Agnezious], Interlude [Agnezious] and outro [I Believe], while the regular edition only contains 10 songs.

“‘Sacredly’ is sacred and is more authentic. ‘Agnezious’ is my adjective that is so me. So you can say that ‘Sacredly Agnezious’ is ‘It’s all about me’ which is involving myself. This new album is actually one of my works that I’ve been waiting so long to release. I’ve released the limited edition which only contains 2 songs, but this one is a complete package in two versions.

“We wanted to present a complete packaging from the cover of the album, to the different concept of the photos, and with different concept of the songs as well,” explained Agnes Monica at Studio 4 RCTI, last Wednesday.

“We put a real effort into this album, we don’t release the album every once in a year, because to me it’s not worthed for having released many albums [in short time] with substandard result. That’s why I choose to be patient. Go with the flow,” she added.

The nominee for Best Singer and Song at the upcoming SCTV Music Awards 2009 and also at the Malaysian Music Industry Awards 2009 (AIM), said that many respected musicians were involved in the making of this album too, such as the likes of Erwin Gutawa, Pay, Dewiq, Yudis, Sumantri, etc.

“I am infamous as the singer who likes spending shifts. If I feel the mixing is still imperfect, I will ask for doing it over. Luckily, my label Aquarius, is very supportive of me. Because they know that it’s all coming back for their own good too,” stated Agnes.

Given the opinions saying that the album is too idealistic, Agnes confirmed she only wanted perfection in each of her works. In addition, she wished this new album better than the previous ones.

“Despite the idealistic album, I as one of the producers should think about the market segment too. However, that doesn’t mean I ‘whip’ my own idealism as a singer or musician. So it’s got to be balance with what fans wants too. Because in the end, they are the ones who want to listen. So we blend what they want and what I want,” she ended the story.

See more pictures of the launching concert HERE

credit: Nia, & (Onizuka)

Rolling Stone Style: Meet Nicholas

Sunday, April 12th, 2009

Rolling Stone Style

Meet Nicholas

By Yarra Aristi

(behind the scene)

One day in Singapore. Nicholas Saputra is sitting in a hotel room occupying with his cell phone, accompanied with a cup of coffee milk. Behind his back, an Asian lady is busy doing something on Nicholas newly haircut. On the corner of the room, Agung Sentausa – the photographer, is discussing with Rolling Stone, while two stylists are busy spreading out several pairs of clothes, combining one another as talking of several locations.

That day we plan to enshrine one day of Nicholas life and the photo shooting will be executed on some places in Singapore.

Nico –as familiarly addressed- whom normally I could only spot on magazines, glass screen, and wide screen, is now in one room with me. He’s rattling on his experience of watching Fall Out Boy’s concert at the Singapore Indoor Stadium the night before.

“There was Ashley Simpson last night. She went upstage,” tells he, followed by a nod from Agung. “Actually the concert last night was not bad. Unfortunately, on several parts, there were little sound troubles so I was less enjoying the concert.”

It doesn’t take much time for waiting Nico geared up. As a person who’s already has a name, he is the kind of people who’s very accommodating and fun to work with. “Okay, I’m ready!” he exclaims after putting a checker short pant and white shirt on.

We started our first photo shooting session at the Esplanade infamous with the durian shape-like. Although the sun shines grilling hot and the weather is severely muggy, Nico obediently carries out whatever the photographer asks him to pose.

“I’ve been shorting of sleep!” he says while we are in the minivan that taking us to the next location. “Lately I could only sleep for three hours every night. Normally I slept around one or two o’clock in the morning, and three hours later I already woke up.”

The lacking of this sleeping habit must have something to do with his new profession as the new face that has been accompanied you on the famous channel called Channel [V]. Ever since the mid of 2007, he’s been greeting the viewers in a show called Screentime, a segment of The Ticket program.

“I had never thought that one day I would become a VJ. This chance purely came in a sudden. I recall, the offer came in 2007 when I have just graduated from university,” he goes on. At the time Nico was just accomplished his study at the architectural engineering, University of Indonesia.

“At that time on such quiet a young age, I have held a degree and accomplished four movies. That was the moment when I didn’t want to do anything because I really needed to take some rest. Finally I decided to go traveling for six months. When I came back to Jakarta and had to do a series promotion for the film 3 Hari Untuk Selamanya (Three Days to Forever), I was interviewed by Channel [V] and next they proposed me to become the VJ.”

Definitely it was not a hard thing for Nicholas Saputra to do the screen test, since he’s already got a handsome look and good communication skill. “But still, in the beginning I happened to feel very stressful because this was something truly new to me. First of all, I had to get out of Indonesia. Second, working overseas made me realize that the working standard out there was so different with what I have done in Indonesia.”

Towards the evening, we arrive at Ann Siang Road which has a down slope land structure that reminds us of San Fransisco, United States. During Nico’s chatting, Agung Sentausa keeps trying to take his pictures from different angles. Astonishingly, even when he is not posing (either when he is moving, talking, or laughing), Nico always delivers amazing photos.

(behind the scene)

To most people, the profession of VJ is a fun job and many people want to have this career. Thanks to his job, Nico can go traveling overseas more often. “This is an exciting job to me since I’m able to work and travel at the same time, although occasionally I feel it too much traveling [than working],” utters Nico while sipping a cold lemon juice.

“What most exciting is, we can perceive ourselves and our own country from different point of view. When we are in Indonesia, it just feels normal. But when I go outside Indonesia, I find out different standards.”

Within one month he can go abroad at least three times. The frequency of moving back and forth which has become his routine, he admits has made him feel homesick. “I don’t like leaving Jakarta, I don’t like leaving my friends there,” he admits. “But this is not something irritating. I realize that this is something I must pay for what I’m doing now.”

Traveling overseas in instant pace has become an ordinary norm to Nico. Nico explains how Singapore and Malaysia become two countries he visits the most, as he always takes shooting in both countries. Then he tells about the good times when he visited Greece, when he got a chance to cover the making of Mamma Mia!, a film directed by Phyllida Llyod.

“I love Greece, the scenery is so beautiful!” he enthuses. He met with and interviewed top actors and actresses involved in the film, such as Meryl Streep, Colin Firth, and Stellan Skarsgard. We talk a bit longer since suddenly that evening the rain falls heavily, that the photo shooting must be quitted for a while.

(behind the scene)

When the night goes down, we are in a merry hallway of Chinatown with colorful lampions and lamps decking out the area, while the air is stuffed with pleasant fragrance everywhere. Nico begins to look fatigue yet not a single sigh comes out of his lips. He’s doing this long photo session with easy going and full of laughs and teasing. Heng Wei Wei, the Executive Marketing & Publicity Star TV, who escorts us along the day, always becomes the object of Nico’s gag.

Some people who come across this guy have to turn their heads twice to make sure who’s the guy they’re just passing by – even some of them keep looking at him with various expressions. Two teen girls accost Nico, “VJ Nico? May we take picture together please?” Nico serves the request with full smile, and both girls look truly as pleased as punch after taking the picture. I can see their cheeks blushed and they’re smiling when leaving us.

Yeah, Nico’s face is getting recognized among people outside. In Indonesia most people know him as one of the actors we can be most proud of. The Indonesian film wagon found one of its bits of blood in 2002. When a boy named Nicholas Saputra played a character of Rangga in Ada Apa Dengan Cinta? (AADC/What’s With Love?), a character depicts a mysterious and fierce handsome young boy, yet having utterly charisma which makes a girl namely Cinta (played by Dian Sastrowardoyo) falls head over heels.

Thanks to the profile of Rangga, Nico became the new idol for Indonesian teens at the time. The triumphant of this film subsequently brought him to the other respected films.

One year after AADC, Nicholas got a new challenge, as playing with two senior actresses Jajang C. Noer and Ria Irawan in Biola Tak Berdawai (Stringless Violin), directed by Sekar Ayu Asmara. His acting in both movies placed him to Best Actor nominee at the Indonesian Film Festival 2004, however the trophy fell to Tora Sudiro who played in ‘Arisan!’.

One year later, he was once again nominated at the Indonesian Film Festival 2005 at the same category for his performance in film Janji Joni (Joni’s Promise/Invincible Man) and Gie. And finally Nico won Best Actor for his role as Soe Hok Gie in the film Gie. In 2007 Riri Riza asked him again to participate in his movie 3 Hari Untuk Selamanya (3 Days to Forever), where Nico headed on with Ardinia Wirasti.

(behind the scene)

At the end of 2008, he reunited with Dian Sastrowardoyo in a film 3 Doa 3 Cinta (3 Wishes 3 Prayers). He plays as Huda, a teenager who lives in a small town in Central Java, and falls in love with a sexy dangdut singer played by Dian Sastrowardoyo. “It happened to be that I and Dian have known each other for quite a long time, so I didn’t find much trouble when we had to act together again in this movie,” he explains. “I was pleased to play with her again in a different story and, for sure, with different chemistry too.”

Nico involved in this film began when the director and producer offered him the role. “Having read the script, I was interested in it immediately. 3 Doa 3 Cinta is a story that is honest about love which takes place in a pesantren (Koranic school). Love in here is not a teen love story like in AADC. This is the film that brings out the love theme towards parents, religion, and between us.”

The most important thing he notices before taking the offer is the script. He happened to say that he just wanted to play one film for each year. “When I get involved in one movie project, I have to be sure that I feel comfy working together with the people behind the scenes, either the producer, director, and most important is the story, and how the script written. Normally I receive film offers with good scripts.”

Once again he chose to get involve in the right film, given that the script of 3 Doa 3 Cinta won Script Development Grant from Global Film Initiative in San Fransisco, Goteborg International Film Festival Fund from Sweden, and Fond Sud Cinema from France.

(behind the scene)

Talking about movie, Nico states that he still likes acting world. He considers the blooming of Indonesian films has increased very rapid. “Now given that a lot of new genre produced, viewers have so many choices to watch,” he remarks. “As is proper, the Indonesian film industry should get much support from the government, in the education till the facility of the industry itself. It would be even better if there is a regulation that’s supportive of this industry, thus it can work properly.”

Nico was just finished the video shooting for Nidji’s new single ‘Shadows’ for the TV series Heroes, where he played as Sylar-like villain. In this video he paired up with Fahrani Empel and the members of Nidji. They had to do quite complex action scenes. “It was the first time I played action scene, with choreography,” he recalls. “Believe it or not, I only had 15 minutes to memorize all the choreography for that video!”

Starring in numerous music videos and commercials is his current job, but Nico admits he has not yet has any plans to play in another new film. “At the moment I haven’t taken any offers yet, so there’s no next film so far. I don’t know what else to do,” he says. “I’m always just that kind of guy, don’t know what to do but there’s always this and that offer come my way. However I cannot just simply take it all because I still have to adjust them with the condition and schedule. There are many offers to play in the film again, they just don’t suitable yet.”

He seems like the luckiest guy in the world given that jobs constantly advance him, not the other way around. “Of course not. If this is all considered as the lucky factor, it is not true. I do it all with hard work. It’s a mere coincidence that I got good offers and took them. I could have just turned them down but since I wanted to try it, I just did it.”

Nico seems enjoying his occupation as a VJ because he finds lots of new things and meets with new people. “It’s a perfect job for me, being a VJ.”

(behind the scene)

The photo shooting that day ends up in a room at The Fullerton Hotel. Nico still keeps posing the best he can in front of the camera. “Gosh, I won’t be able to sleep again tonight,” he says. “I should wake up tomorrow morning at eight because at ten someone will interview me. After that I want to go sleeping because at three I should be going back to Jakarta.”

That is how the dynamic life of Nicholas Saputra, yet he view that with laid-back. “Actually nothing special about my life,” he pretexts. “My life actually is just the same as Jakarta kids my age in general,” closes Nico with a slight smile.

credit: The Rolling Stone Indonesia, 2009

Jessica Mauboy set for International stardom!

Sunday, April 12th, 2009

Jessica Mauboy during filming of the video clip for her latest single ‘Been Waiting’ on the sand dunes at Kurnell, Sydney. (Picture: Jeremy Piper)

‘Running Back’ the #2 Ringtone in Japan

March 31 2009

Friday night was a huge night for Jessica Mauboy! Jessica not only blew away the audience with a spectacular performance at the Vodafone MTV Australia Awards, but Jessica also walked away with the award for ‘Best Aussie’ – beating a field of competitors which included The Veronicas and The Presets!

Jessica took to the stage at the MTV Australia Awards alongside a line up of international stars for a dramatic performance of her hits ‘Running Back’ and ‘Been Waiting’. Jessica then followed up her sizzling performance by winning the award for ‘Best Aussie’!

On winning her award Jessica said “I am so excited about winning the MTV Award for ‘Best Aussie’! Being a young girl from Darwin it feels like all my dreams are coming true! I especially want to thank all my fans for their support – I couldn’t have done it without them!”

Jessica walked the red carpet at the MTV Australia Awards at Darling Harbour on Friday night in a stunning outfit by Collette Dinnigan and jewellery by Canturi, before changing into a custom made creation by Australian designer Bowie for her live performance.

The good news keeps coming for Jessica whose debut album BEEN WAITING will be released in Japan and the UK this year.

Now featuring three massive hits (Running Back, Burn and Been Waiting), BEEN WAITING will be released in Japan on April 22nd. ‘Running Back’ has already been a #2 ringtone on Japan’s biggest ringtone provider ‘Rekochoku’.

BEEN WAITING will also be released in the UK later this year on the Ministry of Sound label, with the first single being ‘Burn’, which has been a #1 hit in Australia.

With a debut album featuring three hit singles and more to come, 2009 is shaping up to be the biggest year yet for Jessica Mauboy!

credit: access all areas

Jessica Wins at 2009 MTV Australia VMA!

Sunday, April 12th, 2009

Jess Mauboy Wins Best Aussie Award At 2009 Vodafone MTV VMAs!

Jess Mauboy has won the award for Best Aussie at the 2009 Vodafone MTV VMAs! Following her sizzling medley performance of her hit ‘Running Back’ and new smash ‘Been Waiting’, Jess was then presented with the prestigious honor of being crowned Best Aussie as voted by her fans! Go Jess!

Pink, Jessica Mauboy, Nesian Mystik, Katy Perry, T.I. feat. Rihanna, Fall Out Boy, The Ian Carey Project, Britney Spears and Sneaky Sound System triumphed at the Vodafone MTV Australia Awards 2009, winning one Moon-Man apiece.

The Awards kicked off with a spectacular live performance of Spaceman by The Killers and, putting rumors to rest, host Pete Wentz was joined by a surprise guest wife Ashlee Simpson-Wentz. The newlyweds proved they were still very much in the ‘honey moon period’ up as they got hot and heavy live on stage – and the surprises didn’t stop there as guests were treated to an old school jam of Ice Ice Baby with iconic wordsmith Vanilla Ice (Rob Van Winkle) and Wentz.

All of the Awards live performances by artists including The Fray, Jessica Mauboy, Sia and Kaiser Chiefs took place against MTV Australia’s most spectacular set to date. Aussie rockers Wolfmother performed a world debut of their new song Backround before its free release on and rock giants Kings Of Leon performed a cross by satellite to screaming fans from their sold out concert in Wellington, New Zealand.

Presenters at the Vodafone MTV Australia Awards 2009 included: Audrina Patridge, Delta Goodrem, Brian McFadden, Dannii Minogue, Lara Bingle, Mark Hoppus, Rhys Darby, Ashlee Simpson, Vanilla Ice (Rob Van Winkle) and Robbie Maddison.

Jess Live Performance at MTV Australia VMA

The Vodafone MTV Australia Awards 2009 will air on MTV Australia March 31 at 7:30pm (ASDT), April 2 at 8:30pm (ASDT) and April 4 at 7:00pm (AEDT) with FOX8 airing the red carpet and main show on Sunday April 5 at 10:00pm.


credit: access all areas

Our Heartthrobs in “1939!”

Sunday, April 12th, 2009

To celebrate the 2nd anniversary of Esquire Indonesia on March 2009, the magazine made a cinematic photography project with a theme called “1939!”

The models involved in this big and unique project are famous names in showbiz including our heartthrobs, such as Mike Lewis, Dian Sastrowardoyo, Luna Maya, Nicholas Saputra, Fahrani, Atiqah Hasiholan, and Richard Kevin. Also some senior actors such as Alex Komang, Rudy Wowor, Henidar Amroe, Tamara Bleszinsky and many more.

Richard Kevin

Tamara Bleszinsky

Atiqah Hasiholan

It was an extraordinary hard work for people behind the project – photographer Sam Nugroho, stylist Mira Warganegara, and The Looop team – to combine all these big names from different generation an put them in one frame, given that each star had different occupations and schedules.

Actor Aryo Bayu, Mike Lewis, and famous model Laura Antoinetta as the main casts, traveled outside the city to Ambarawa, Central Java, for the photo shoot.

The story begins when Laura Antoinetta, the beautiful Indo-Dutch girl, daughter of Rudy Wowor and Henidar Amroe, is shaken upon her father’s tragic and mysterious death. Mike Lewis – a Dutch officer, and Ario Bayu – Indonesian officer, are on duty to solve this mystery. The conflict arises, espionage and romance tinting the story, that will make your eyes keep open wide to scrutinize the details of these photos one by one.

According to Sam Nugroho, every photo in this story can make stronger the feeling of love toward the history of our country. So just check them out!

Rudy Wowor – Richard Kevin

Henidar Amroe – Laura Antoinetta – Dian Sastro – Rudy Wowor

All casts (click picture to enlarge)

Dian Sastro – Laura – Henidar – Tamara Bleszinsky

Mike Lewis – Verdy Sulaiman – Jenny Chang

Ario Bayu – Mike

Mike – Ario – Robertino

Ario – Winky Wiryawan – Alex Komang – Dian Sastro

Mike – Robertino – Fauzi Baadilah – Alex

Luna Maya – Nicholas Saputra – Mike – Fahrani – Nadine Chandrawinata

Mike – Laura

Mike – Laura again

Imelda Therine – Laura – Ayushita – Surya Saputra – Henidar – Tamara – Atiqah

What they say

“I came into this project with enthusiasm and energy, so that automatically the execution became so fun.” – Ario Bayu

“In the middle of the photo session, my head got felt of the lamp. Oddly, it was my shoulder that got swollen instead.” – Laura Antoinetta

“My background is different from the models, so I don’t pose. I just freeze.” – Alex Komang

“I am a sudden model [for this project] but the concept is so good. I’m very excited,” – Fahrani

“My favorite is the interrogation scene with Robertino, Bayu and Fauzi. The one at the Semarang railway station is exceedingly fun too.” – Mike Lewis

“Photography not only becomes the medium to put forward beauty alone, but can also emerge the idea, carry the message, and give more influence to people to be more concern on history.” – Nicholas Saputra

“This project is well-concept, the team is so extraordinary, from the photographer, talents, makeup, wardrobe, and the magazine has integrity too.” – Nadine Chandrawinata

Esquire, March 2009

Good Job, Esquire!

Beauty Nikita Willy

Sunday, April 12th, 2009
Nikita Willy (born in Jakarta, June 29, 1994, age 14 years) is a young actress of Indonesia. Nikita Willy started his career in Indonesia the world of entertainment since the age of 7 years through sinetron Moon Stars. Name start Nikita Willy known public, when a role in the dime novel with sinetron actors Evan Sanders.
Dude Herlino main opponent in the sinetron ‘Nikita’, Nikita Willy, have a hobby turns sleeping in the school. In fact at this time Nikita who sit third in the junior must prepare for the national exam. “Nggak papa kok, soalnya I most like to sleep in the sports lessons. One the first day to sleep in class, one hour longer participate in new sports,” said Nikita while laughing, when found in Plaza Senayan, South Jakarta, on Wednesday (1/4/2009 ).

For Nikita, a national test is not a matter that should be feared too. Prepare for it as long as well, he sure can through the test. Syuting chase each process running the middle of the Nikita dilakoni also not a problem. To syuting, both parents are already giving limits. Stars ads that usually demand new start syuting home after school until 23:00 at WIB. When Nikita learn? “Kan already learning in school,” she relaxed.

Nikita (Nikita Willy) is an orphaned girl and a steadfast avoidance surrender. Malang for Nikita, menimpanya accident a few years ago, so the blind eyes. Nikita many times to the hospital, looking for donor cornea. However, 7 years passed, he not get it. Nikita eventually get from the donor eye Dr. PRITA (Cathy Sharon)

Assistant mysterious Dian Sastro

Sunday, April 12th, 2009
Not just a guest, Dian with a dozen other women also become a beautiful suite on the wedding the bride of Wulan Guritno. He was accompanying a friend terdekatnya, Wulan time about her husband, Adilla Kabul after the final offer will take. Looks beautiful and elegant, berbaju uniform yellow satin plain, the film came to the event with a man. But, the man who is still a mystery. Dian thousand spoken languages when asked who the man who came with him.

He just said goodbye to the friends. “I like the, can marry Wulan. Congratulations cover new life, hopefully pernikahannya Sakinah, mawadah, warahmah,” he said.When asked concerning the life of personality, bath soap star is not any comments. He also go directly toward the car. Men who do not know the identity of any pass chase media.

Sandra Dewi – April Mop

Sunday, April 12th, 2009
Oups, this day April MOP yah. Who have “ngerjain” ni? And Sanders also “dikerjain” people outside yah hehehehe. It’s ok, indeed many live in Lika curve. I also read every comment. First and definitely sad ga worry you can have all the tests that we are facing. But this is all we have to face. Why? with the tumult and test this we examined each other’s faith.

If we can face and go through this with the good then we will be strong and trust one another. All we have to skip the test let alone our relationship between each of the Sanders and Sanders both old and new have been almost all year long. We remain open to anyone who wants to join with us. We only want to be and share. I hope we can face all the good and pass this exam with iklas.

Magdalena & Si Jago Merah

Sunday, April 12th, 2009
Lebih banyak berkutat di dunia presenter, nama Magdalena makin diperhitungkan. Wajah cantik menjadi penopang penampilannya saat ?cuap-cuap?. Tak heran bila ia kini dipercaya menjadi presenter acara THE MASTER di RCTI. “Dunia presenter sudah menjadi duniaku. Padahal aku tidak pernah kursus belajar presenting. Aku melakukannya secara ?learning by doing?, belajar dari lapangan dan senior-senior. Menjadi presenter susah-susah gampang,”.

Selain menjadi presenter, Lena, demikian dara kelahiran Bangka ini disapa, telah merambah dunia film. Terakhir ia main di film SI JAGO MERAH. Bagi Lena ini bukanlah aji mumpung. Ia sama sekali tidak suka aji mumpung. Ia hanya ingin fokus di presenter dan film saja. Tapi dunia hiburan adalah dunia penuh persaingan dan ini disadari penuh olehnya. “Tapi sebenarnya tidak susah. Hanya saja kalau ada tidak suka Lena itu baru susah,” katanya.

Untuk itu, rencana ke depan Lena ingin nyanyi juga. “Tapi ini bukan aji mumpung,” ujarnya buru-buru. “Dulu aku bercita-cita menjadi penyanyi dan pramugari. Tapi setelah ke sini menjadi pramugari seperti tidak mungkin, karena harus tinggi. Kalau menyanyi masih memungkinkan karena dari dulu aku suka. Tapi harus cari guru vokal dulu, jadi kalau keluar benar-benar sudah punya kemampuan, bukan aji mumpung,” tegasnya.

Kirana Larasati Support Artists Caleg

Sunday, April 12th, 2009
Sinetron stars Kirana Larasati, the first time using the right pilihnya on the election now, feel mixed with the many parties and caleg (legislative candidates). “I know the same different caleg-caleg it. Enggak I even know who’s face displayed on the posters,” said Cinta Bunga pesinetron time go to victim Situ Gintung, Cinere, Tanggerang, with team Pundi Amal SCTV, Wednesday (8 / 4 ) yesterday.
Larasati many also regret the money spent on the campaign caleg yesterday. “I think of the money for posters, brochures, banners better in the love of money directly to the victims of the disaster Gintung Situ,” he said. Although not yet claim to have a blade that lasts pencotrengan on Thursday (9 / 4), but he did not confess akan golput. He was very happy to confess, to give voice for the first time in his life. About to whom to give voice Larasati akan? “I want to support artists who have caleg social life. I can also see many artists who have caleg life and high social responsibility,” he said.