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Dian Sastrowardoyo: Keeps On Moving

Sunday, March 15th, 2009

She never gets her steps a break. As an actress and a person behind the scene, she has done both successfully. But now she wants to go back to school once more.

After her last movie Soulmate (2006), Dian was absent from acting for two years. But that doesn’t mean she didn’t do anything. Without a sound, she made two films released by the end of 2008, 3 Doa 3 Cinta/Pesantren (3 Wishes 3 Prayers) and short movie Drupadi. For the latter one she took part as the producer too. Not bad, Drupadi is officially invited to have the screening in Hongkong Film Festival March-April 2009.

It had been so long for Dian wishing to put the figure of Drupadi from Mahabharata tale into the wide screen. She knew Drupadi from RA Kosasih’s comic she read when she was a little girl. Her passion towards Wayang (Indonesian puppetry) stories is inherited from her grandfather, Dr Sumarsono Sastrowardoyo.

She talked about the idea with Leila S. Chudori, her close friend who also has a big concern towards Wayang and the Mahabharata tale, and also with Wisnu. The three then worked on and offered the idea to the investors. And next, they asked Riri Riza and Mira Lesmana of the Miles Production to direct and produce the film.

The 45mins short film with the nuances of Java and Sumatra also involves the Padepokan Bagong Kussudiardja. Unlike Dian’s previous films, Drupadi is a film that combines theater, dance, and music.

Gender issue

Through this film, Dian wants to rise up again the gender issue. According to this young woman, there are still many women who become a commodity and have weak bargaining position.

“For instance, in the world that is close to me, acting. Just take a look at how many actresses who play films are only put as beauty accessories. Not many of them got involved in the production. Just being pretty and stupid. Not to mention talking about women trafficking, where women are for trade, no rights to speak up or rights upon their own lives,” she states.

Besides making the film, she’s moving on with the next plan, go back to school again. “It’s an old plan. I want to more increase (my) application knowledge. The choice is between media study, gender study, or some random like international business or finance,” she reveals.

Brand Ambassador for L’Oreal Professionnel

Not only in acting world had Dian made a surprise. This year she became the commercial star for so many brands, one of them as the brand ambassador for L’Oreal Professionnel 2009.

Dian was picked because inside her, there is a combination of three elements: Indonesian beauty, art and achievement. Her achievement in the film world is tremendous. She already got lots of awards local and internationally.

Through Pasir Berbisik (Whispering Sands) in 2002, she won Best Actress in two festivals; The Deauville Asian Film Festival in France, and Singapore International Film Festival. Her next film Ada Apa Dengan Cinta? (What’s With Love?) brought her to become the Best Actress in Indonesian Film Festival 2004. At the Asia Pacific Film Festival 2005, Malaysia, she won New Promising Young Actress for her acting in Banyu Biru.

In addition to her intelligence, the exceptional Indonesian beauty she posses is also one of Dian’s attractions. So she is the perfect girl to be the new L’Oreal brand ambassador for this year.


Chic March 2008

Dian in Commercials and Music Videos

in new LUX TV Commercial ‘Play With Beauty’

in Organics Shampoo TV Commercial for Thailand

in Glenn Fredly’s new MV – Pada Satu Cinta

Agnes Monica One of Class Music Heroes

Sunday, March 15th, 2009

Indonesian pop princess Agnes Monica became one of 17 musicians who received Talk Less Do More Award from Class Mild Award 2009.

By receiving this award, Agnes is declared as one of The Class Music Heroes whose name engraved on The Monument of Class Music Heroes which located in 12 hot places in big cities all over Indonesia.

Agnes Monica also became the youngest of all Class Music Heroes and this is her first award in 2009.

The official opening ceremony for The Monument of Class Music Heroes was held on 02-03 March 2009 in all 12 selected places. The selected cities themselves received Class Spirit Award for the concept of Talk Less Do More they apply, which make the places look unique, sensational and creative, have big contribution to the environment, and encourage other places in Indonesia to do the same as well.

Those places are: FX Lifestyle X’nter – Jakarta, UGM – Jogjakarta, Losari Beach – Makassar, Tengku Fisabililah Trans Bridge – Batam, Mega Tourism Oscarina – Batam, Katrun Museum Indonesia – Bali, Poli & Reading Park – Batu, Soeman HS Library – Pekanbaru, Turtle Island – Bali, Tabanan – Bali, Nusantara Train Tourism – Jakarta, Rasuna Epicentrum – Jakarta, Rest Area KM19 Cikampek Subway, and Terminal 1 National Airport.
Class Mild Award is an exclusive award for Indonesian musicians. The winners are selected based on the decision from an independent Board of Jury consisted of famous and professional music critics, journalists, and musicians, and also based on people’s choice.

Some of the judges are renowned names in Indonesian music industry, such as Andy F Noya (The Rolling Stone Indonesia), Anton Wahyudi (radio practitioner), Bongky (musician/producer), Dahono Fitrianto (Kompas journalist), Deny MR (music critic), Ricky Siahaan (The Rolling Stone Indonesia), and Yoris Sebastian (OMG Creative Consulting).

The criterion of the winners are based on the philosophy of Talk Less Do More, or in other word, ‘talk less yet have great achievement’, keep fighting to strive forward, to be better and better, dare to be different, has reached success without talking too much nor stuck in gossips, and has inspired Indonesian youngsters.

What makes this award different with the rest is, the chance given to the winners to perform in those 12 cities that won Class Spirit Award, and this performance will be broadcasted by the national television.

Agnes Monica won the award because the judges regard her as one of musicians who always maintains the innovative way and dynamic in music, has received numerous achievements since the very young age, and inspires lots of young people in Indonesia and neighbor countries as well.

> Been existing for 17 years in showbiz, the natural beauty has collected more than 50 awards so far, including Best Actress, Best Singer, Most Favorite Actress, and Most Favorite Singer from local and regional prestigious awards, such as Indonesian Grammy-alike AMI Awards, MTV, and Planet Music Awards Singapore.

Not only popular in Indonesia, the 22 years old also gains many fans in Malaysia, Brunei, and Singapore. Pernikahan Dini (2001) and Jelita (2008) are two of her TV dramas which gained top rating in these countries. Her recent single Matahariku got huge popularity in Malaysia as well as her TV dramas. Matahariku became the most-watched video in Youtube for Indonesian female videos, while her second single Godai Aku Lagi broke the record for ringback tone activation by reaching 1.5 million activations in 2008.

with Jerry Yan

Agnes also made several breakthroughs, such as playing in 2 Asian dramas with Jerry Yan (The Hospital – 2005) and Peter Ho (Romance in The White House – 2004), collaborating with Keith Martin of Boyz II Men for her second mature album Whaddup A? (2005), and performing a duet with Jerry Yan in 2006.
in Asian idol 2007

In 2007 America’s DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) selected Agnes Monica as the Regional Icon for Anti-Drugs Reinforcement for Asia-Pacific Region. She performed as the guest star in the first Asian Idol 2007 and Asia Song Festival for Best Asian singers 2008. On February 2009 she became the new Channel [V] AMP (Asian Musician Platform) Artiste and was featured for two days on the channel. <
Nez Dance Academy on January 2009, a special academy for young people who love dance and want to learn any kind of dances.

Today, Agnes is working on her new album as a songwriter and a producer too. Rumor has it Agnes will collaborate with Shawn from Boyz II Men and a Korean band. On March 11, 2009, she will have a talkshow with Indonesian President on Trans TV.And here are the complete 17 Class Music Heroes in alphabetical order:
Agnes Monica
Andra & The Backbone
Ari Lasso
Efek Rumah Kaca
Iwan Fals
Melly Goeslaw
Project Pop
Sheila On 7
The Changcuters
Yovie & The Nuno

Nicholas Interview with Fall Out Boys

Sunday, March 15th, 2009

Nicholas reports his latest interview with Fall Out Boys on his blogTuesday Feb 10th was crazy as I rushed to attend press conferences for Fall Out Boy at around 2pm. The boys were back to rock Singapore Indoor Stadium later that night, touring for their latest album, Folie à Deux (literally, “a madness shared by two”).

I went together with film director Agung Sentausa who was busy taking the band members’ photos using his lomography camera. Agung sure made some clicking noises with his camera…
The concert held at the Indoor Stadium was full packed with teenagers. Despite only used half size of the place, the audience seemed enjoy the performance.

Desain panggung adalah sangat minimal, tapi permainan lampu baik dari lighting design maupun dari alat musik yang menyala ketika lampu gelap. Ini membuat penampilan mereka jadi lebih menarik.

The crowd was screaming when their guitars started to lighten up. It sure looked expensive!I saw Ashley Simpson, the wife of Pete Wentz, going on stage accosting her husband. I hope it was not only my illusion…hehehehe

Anyway, here is Channel [V]’s conversation with Patrick Stump (rhythm guitarist & lead vocalist) and Andy Hurley (drummer & percussionist). Pete Wentz, the bass guitarist, and Joe Trohman, the lead guitarist, were in another session.

What do you remember from your last trip to Singapore?

The show was awesome. We had a really good time. I think one of the things we feel here is that it is really very similar to the States. It feels like Florida… If it was clean! (Laughs) It’s crazy being so far away from home and feeling very at home here. So it’s always awesome to come back. It’s definitely one of my favorite places to play.

How do you think Fall Out Boy has evolved over the years?

I think you start out and you kind of are emulating your heroes. And music is very much for music’s sake. It’s very much to show off what you’re into and what you like.

And I think as you get older, you kind of end up in a place where music just comes out of you, as with any art too. You should start off painting like the masters, and then discover your own voice in it. I think that’s the way we learn the basics. I think that is definitely where we are because when I look at the four of us, we’re such different guys musically.
We come from such different music backgrounds. Andy and I have a lot of common interests but musically we’ve always been in different places. And there’s something, I think, really fruitful about that because it creates something different.When we started out, we sounded like bands you could point and go, “Hey that sounds like Saves the Day”. But now I think there are just elements. Andy will play something which totally reminds me of Andy. Andy has this very distinctive combination of Beatles and Slayer, as far as drum style. Joe has this very rock and roll kind of metal style. And I come from soul and R&B and blues and jazz. And Pete loves pop music like Michael Jackson, Bon Jovi, that kind of stuff. That’s kind of how we have, over time, just honed those things. Now we’re able to express that in something else. Now we have a purpose. Now we can be like, “Hey we want an album that says this,” and we’re able to harness music that expresses that rather than be like, “Hey we want to sound cool.”

How is it working with Elvis Costello and Debbie Harry?

One thing that we always try to do is, we want to make sure that whatever we do on record is exclusively for artistic reasons. In all those cases, they came about totally naturally.For Elvis Costello, it was a thing where it was like, “Hey who would be the best guy on earth to sing this?” It would be Elvis Costello. And then somehow we got him, which totally blows my mind.

Is there anyone else you would like to work with?

At this point, not really. I think it’s kind of like a record by record basis. If a song calls for it, we’ll find someone who would work. But generally, it’s not a goal. I also think, to a certain extent, there are two things about that – we had also on the record; no one really talks about, Ronnie, who used to be in The Wallflowers. He played some organ parts. And that was a really big thing for us too because he’s just such a great player. We had Tony Visconti, legendary producer. He did a lot of David Bowie stuff, T.Rex stuff. He came in and did string arrangements for the record. Those things are huge for us too. They don’t get as much spotlight. I think maybe for the next record, we might not have anybody, just as a kind of point out that that was never our intent in the first place. It was really just for artistic reasons.

Since this is your fourth album, have you found it easier to get your messages across?

Definitely. It wasn’t possible before to have a message. It wasn’t possible before to have anything cohesive. You’re kind of learning in real time how to be a band. And I think I did it all sorts of different ways when we were starting out. I remember Andy and I used to drive out to this weird practice place. We’ll spend hours working meticulously on parts. We don’t do it that way anymore.

Now we go in and we know exactly what we want. So it’s kind of like a Ouija board. You don’t know who’s moving it anymore. The music just kind of happens. I write the music but I think I get a lot more credit than I deserve because so much of it is just implicit. And Pete’s lyrics, you know, the way Pete writes lyrics affects the way I find melody in his words. The way Joe plays the part that I wrote ends up changing the part entirely. The way Andy interprets the rhythms totally changes the song.

The band is the four of us. I think it did change over the course of four, or questionably, five albums.

Are there some things that you appreciate more after all the experiences you have been through?

Everyday. Today I appreciate what we’ve been able to do because things are just so different. It’s kind of like the Wild West, not in the record industry, but in a world. Like how we can bounce back from the crisis, how things are going to change. It’s not given. It’s really not, to be able to come here. We also have a really unique experience as a band because being a band right now in America is a totally strange thing. It seems like it’s different than it ever was before.

We’re in this strange place where we’re a rock band but we’re popular. And this is like the first time. Rock radio stations will not play us because we’re a pop band.

But then, we’re still a rock band. So, pop stations really don’t want to play us. So we’re not on radio anymore. We just have this kind of audience who supports us. And it’s really strange. I can’t think of a lot of bands I can relate to in a similar way. I don’t know. It’s a very strange time. The only other rock bands that have made it and are surviving are either totally, totally cheesy pop or are like the most respected – Coldplay, Radiohead.

And we’re somewhere in the middle by ourselves, this little island, just kind of floating out there like, “Hey let’s go take ourselves half serious.” (Laughs)

You worked with Mark Hoppus on one of your videos. Did you hear that Blink is going to put out a new album? What do you guys think of that?

(Andy) Blink is one of my favorite bands of all time. I’m really stoked, obviously. I was listening to Blink all of yesterday in the plane, on the flight here. And I was just beyond happy. It’s just really cool. I want another record!

Tell us about covering The Simpsons theme song. You guys must be huge fans of The Simpsons.

Yeah we like The Simpsons a lot and obviously, our name came from The Simpsons. They asked us to do it. And we did. It was awesome. It’s pretty tough. A lot of bands have done it before. And they kind of done it in different styles.
The thing is that, a lot of things that made Fall Out Boy, Fall Out Boy wouldn’t really have come out on it if we tried to do a Fall Out Boy version. So we decided to just do what no one had done thus far, which is to do the song as it is. We transposed everything to guitars so it’s basically all the stuff that’s happening in the string section and the horn section, but just on guitars. That was the whole idea. Because if we did a punk rock version, it probably would’ve sounded like the Green Day version. If we did an indie rock version, it would’ve sounded like the Sonic Youth version. So we just did the song. And it was awesome. It was really hard to do it. This song is complicated! credit: Channel [V]

Christian Happy to Pass ‘the curse of 27′

Sunday, March 15th, 2009

still photos from a music video (cr. Christian’s blog)

Monday, March 2, 2009

Christian happy to pass ‘the curse of 27’

The Jakarta Post

Model and actor Christian Sugiono is happy about turning 28. The reason is simply because he has already passed the age of 27.

“I’m glad to pass ‘the curse of 27’,” said the half-German actor. “If you’ve never heard about this curse, it says that whoever wants to be a legend must die by 27.”

Christian gave examples: Jim Morrison, Kurt Cobain, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin and Heath Ledger.

“All of them died at the age of 27, during their glory days… and after that they became legends,” said Christian, whose birthday falls at Feb. 25.

“Well, I certainly want to be a legend. But I don’t want to die at 27. There are still many things to do in life,” he laughed.

More things to do for Christian, but some are already done. Christian is generous enough to share the good things he had in the past years.

As of the age 28, he said, he had backpacked around Europe twice for a month each time; tried many kinds of beer from across the world; fainted during a David Bowie concert; traveled from Rome to Munich by train but without a ticket; cooked fried rice for a German porn star; and meditated in India.

The list is long, but nothing to compares to this: “I’ve had a loyal life companion,” he said, perhaps referring to actress and model Titi Kamal, who has been with him for 10 years. — JP

Congratulation on your wedding, Tian!

Jessica’s Record Deal With UK’s Ministry of Sound

Sunday, March 15th, 2009

Jessica Mauboy’s record deal with UK’s Ministry of Sound

Marc 2, 2009

Heading overseas … Jessica Mauboy has signed with UK dance music label, Ministry of Sound.

POPETTE Jessica Mauboy will be heading overseas for the first time after scoring a record deal in the UK.

Mauboy last week signed with revered UK dance music label Ministry of Sound and she will be traveling internationally to promote the album.

After shooting her third video clip this year for her next single Been Waiting, Mauboy couldn’t wipe the smile off her face after signing the deal.

“It is exciting that they have listened to my music and that they like it,” she told Confidential.

“It gives me great confidence.”


Jessica Mauboy shoots the breeze

March 01, 2009

POP star Jessica Mauboy makes it look easy, but shooting a video clip is hard work.

The Sunday Telegraph snapped Mauboy, 19, on Sydney’s Kurnell sand dunes as she filmed her new clip.

“It is a lot of work – It’s not glamorous at all,” she said.

Mauboy spent 17 hours filming the video for her third single, Been Waiting, starting at 2pm last Monday, working overnight, ending at 7am the next morning.

It has been a phenomenal year for the former Australian idol star. Mauboy’s first solo single, Running Back, peaked at number three on the ARIA charts.

The follow-up track, Burn, hit number one.

Mauboy’s new single, Been Waiting – also the title of her debut album – is expected to do just as well.


Source: The Daily Telegraph

Gita Gutawa: Enjoying a teen hood, a starlet life

Sunday, March 15th, 2009”>

Gita Gutawa: Enjoying a teen hood, a starlet life

The Jakarta Post Sat, 02/28/2009

In the eyes of many, Gita Gutawa is sweet like cotton candy and warm like a kiss.

But nobody knows how she looks like when dealing with some bitter and cold days of her starlet life.

Going to 16, Gita is still working hard to convince people that her sudden popularity goes beyond her father’s name, Erwin Gutawa, a noted music composer and conductor.

“This is something I learned: nepotism wouldn’t work in the music industry,” Gita said. “Why? Because it depends on how people judge your quality. I may be the daughter of Erwin Gutawa, but people would leave me if I have no talent,” she added.

In fact, Gita says, she herself has never dreamed to be a popular singer.

“People never know that I came across to the recording company without any intervention from my father,” said Gita, who was born on Aug. 11, 1993. “It was merely a coincidence,” she added.

A coincidence like Gita said, an evening session of her vocal class in 2004 had brought her to a collaboration with famous music group ADA Band.

“I was practicing singing like usual that time,” Gita began to tell her story. “Not so long after that, the manager of ADA Band came over and asked, ‘who sang just now?”

It happened that her vocal school, Gita says, is next to the band’s studio.

“The manager said he had heard my voice from the band’s place,” Gita said. And at this point, she highlighted, “Even the manager didn’t know that I’m the daughter of Erwin Gutawa.”

And that was where it all started. She had a successful duet with ADA Band in an album as well as with other singers.

Recording company SonyBMG then offered her a contract and an album with her own name was released in 2007.

Gita’s life suddenly whirled around live performances, TV shows, commercial shoots, media interviews and fans gatherings. As many as six brands appointed her to become their ambassadors.

She even starred in two titles of soap operas Ajari Aku Cinta (Teach Me About Love) and Ajari Lagi Aku Cinta (Teach Me More About Love).

“I’ve never thought popularity and success came to me so quickly,” said the soprano-voice singer.

Gita even scored in her album selling, which went platinum, and honored with many awards. SCTV Music Awards named her the top of the top singer in 2007 and honored her the best album in 2008.

Also in 2008, she won the Indonesian Music Awards (AMI) for the best newcomer and the best album categories. The International Nile Song Festival in Egypt even named her the grand prix winner for all category of ages.

“All the negative sentiments against my sudden popularity had pushed me to perform the best. And I’ve proved them I do have a talent,” Gita said with a smile.

Going very well in the showbiz, Gita also stays serious at school. Five years in a row, she was awarded the best of the best student in her elementary and junior high schools.

“Not being a singer is actually not a big deal for me. I’m a student from the beginning, and I have a responsibility for myself,” said the tenth grader at Bina Nusantara High School.

Sometimes, school is fun for Gita with some fans coming just to give her presents, chocolates and love letters.

But when asked whether she had ever received a love letter from someone special, Gita went a bit nervous.

“No, I don’t have a boyfriend yet,” she said, and her face suddenly blushed.

She seems to avoid love gossips, the way she did a year ago when rumors had it she was close to a Malaysian young singer, who played in the same commercial with her.

The rumors, however, were buried by Gita’s polite words and good manner in front of the public.

“Ever since I’ve become under the spotlight, I keep reminding myself to be careful, and not doing anything fool,” she said. “Everyone will notice my every single mistake, so I have to take care of myself.”

So what Gita does is, keep herself busy with school and music.

“I’m finishing my second album now,” Gita said. “Around 90 percent has been completed, and I expect to release it in April.”

Gita’s new album will remain in classical tunes, with a splash of pop in it. It will also still feature love-themed songs.

“But it’s about love of many versions: on lover, friends and family,” Gita said.

And of course, one of the songs goes to her dearest 1,5-year-old sister Aura Aira Sagita, whom she had waited for 14 years.

“My little sister is the answer to my night prayers to God for so many years,” Gita said.

Let’s pray, this time, that the new album will turn sweet for Aluna Sagita — that’s her full name, which means song rhythm. (**)

"The Craziest Thing I Did Was to Leave Indonesia"

Sunday, March 15th, 2009

‘The craziest thing I did was to leave Indonesia’

The Jakarta Post

During a packed weeklong promotion tour for her new album Elevation in late January, Anggun Cipta Sasmi was “counting the days” for her return to her Paris home and daughter Kirana, now 14 months old. “But it’s just part of my work,” says the 34-year-old singer, who expects more visits to Indonesia this year in another role promoting dairy products for an osteoporosis education campaign.

That professional attitude and work ethic took her from beret-wearing Indonesian teenage phenom to one of the most successful Asian entertainers in Europe (America has been a harder market to crack). Anggun attributes that initial success with her breakout hit Snow on the Sahara to timing, saying her voice and look met the criteria for the times.

Still, she is clearly proud of how she has been embraced by her adopted homeland. “They respect that I have never lost my Indonesian qualities, but that I speak French even if the accent is always there. It’s exotic to them. And I think they’re touched that I really want to learn about the country and culture.”

My childhood was …
Very busy with piano lessons and studying singing with Papa [artist Darto Singo]. The house always was full of guests, because my father always had friends coming for advice. I just knew them as friends of my father, but when I was older I knew that all of these people who came to visit were famous. It was a rich atmosphere, cultural and intellectual.

My best trait …
I can always forgive.

So nothing is unforgivable?
We’re all human, we all make mistakes. But that doesn’t mean we forget. It’s about being tolerant.

And worst trait …
I’m obstinate, but that can be a good thing.

What makes you laugh?
My daughter.

And cry?
It can be a brilliant book. And injustice.

I would never …
I don’t know that yet …

At 20 I was …
Arrogant and ambitious. And willing …

When I’m bad …
I’m a pain.

My biggest fashion faux pas?
Never had one [laughs].

The most Indonesian part of me …
That I can laugh in any situation.

And French …
I get very impatient.

The love of my life …
Kirana and her dad [writer Cyril Montana].

I was happiest when …
First breast-feeding my child.

Craziest thing I’ve done …
Leaving Indonesia.

If I had stayed, I would be …
Probably acting in a sinetron [TV drama] or working as an ambassador for some detergent.

I’m inspired by …
Paintings and music always.

When people mispronounce my name, I
Let it go. It’s OK, I have weird names.

I’m proudest of …
The fact that my daughter prefers rice more than anything.

When the going gets tough, I …
Call Kirana’s dad. He always has the right words.

Regrets …
No, nothing, and will never have. Hopefully.

Favorite movie …
Jungle Book. When it first came out I liked the feeling that the characters could talk.

And book …
There are a few. They’re all in French. But I also love Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger. It’s very nice and beautiful and controlled and crazy. A must have.

Talent I wish I had …
To paint.

My biggest fear …
Losing the people I love.

If I could change one thing about the world …
End hunger, in a broader meaning that also extends to money, power. Because when you don’t have food, that is the motivation for all types of crime.

Best piece of advice from me …
Do not believe in your own promotion!

+ Bruce Emond
1st Illustration by Martin Dima

Mike Dreams to Play Some Actions

Sunday, March 15th, 2009


Always plays as a handsome and romantic good guy with perfect body-frame seems to make model-slash-actor Michael George William Lewis, or known as Mike Lewis, have enough of that.

Apparently, the half Canadian affable feels less masculine for having played the same stereotype over and over again. Up until now he admits he is still waiting for a character which is able to booze his sporty side.

The eligible bachelor who’s also known as a rugby player for the national team squad says that he really wants to play in a full thriller action movies. “Too bad, this kind of films are pretty rare in Indonesia,” says the two times winner of Cosmo Man recently.

Mike admits he is inspired by his idol, Christian Bale, because he thinks Bale is one of the actors who can ooze the aura of masculine out of the screen.

“I have not yet seen Indonesian actors who can make the impression of masculinity (in the film). Even when the character is really masculine, still it doesn’t look like a real man,” states the vice captain of International Sport Club Indonesia.

As an athlete in real life for a sport like rugby, that is touted as a real man sport, it is normal for Mike to expect for playing such character. “I’m just waiting for that offer to come,” he confidently affirms.

In the meantime, Mike has accomplished a diplomat test for the Embassy of Canada just recently. He also says he has not accepted another sinetron after the high-rated Cinta Fitri season 2 over.

Previously he just finished shooting as the model in a music video of Hello Band, his second appearance in the video after Samsons’.

“I’m still busy for the making of FTV (film television),” says the Indonesian cuisine devotee, “and I’m still taking private Indonesian lesson,” he adds.

Although he has been learning Bahasa Indonesia for three years, the guy who fluents in 4 different languages: English, French, Thai, and Mandarin, admits he still feels far from fluency in Bahasa Indonesia. “I still need to learn Indonesian a lot, especially for my articulation,” he goes on.

In fact, since he is so eager to master the language, Mike admits he reduces his activities in modeling. The youngest of the family says he only wants to accept the modeling job only from his own friends.

“If it (the offer) comes from somebody else, I cannot take it for now. What most important at this moment, is focusing on my Bahasa lesson and acting,” he closes the conversation with a charming smile.


credit: Batam Pos

Latest Interview with Jessica Mauboy

Sunday, March 15th, 2009
Jessica Mauboy … all grown up

Interview with Jessica Mauboy

By Kate O’Shea talks to singer/songwriter and Australian idol season four runner-up Jessica Mauboy about her new look, new album and working with Flo Rider.
You’ve just burst back on the Australian music scene with your highly anticipated new album Been Waiting. What does this album mean to you?

Jessica Mauboy: It is my first album so I am very proud! On a personal level I co-wrote most of the songs on the album and really wanted it to be real and about me. The sound is very pop/rhythmic/urban — definitely something that Australia hasn’t seen me do before!

It was exciting working with local producers — people like Israel Cruz, Adam Reily and Audius. They are amazingly talented.

The album varies through different styles — from a bit of Euro “Ministry” sort of sound to urban ballads. I’ve really loved hearing all the great feedback and am really glad people are enjoying my music.

Your first single “Running Back” features US rapper Flo Rider. What was it like collaborating with him?

Mauboy: Seriously … the best! He is a really cool guy, very genuine and being an up-and-coming artist I was really grateful for his support. He made me sing for him in front of him and his crew — he said he wouldn’t leave until I did. I was like “Me? Sing for you?”. I think he was pleasantly shocked when he heard my voice.

You’ve also unveiled a HOT new look! What inspired this sexy new image?

Mauboy: I’m growing up — I think this is the other side of me that people didn’t get to see before. I think my look is inspired by other people but I’m finding my own direction. This is who I want to be, this is me.

Plus I have a bit of a shoe fetish and I’ve become a freak for accessories. Every time I go back to Darwin I take SO many clothes… I fill my closet and all my sisters’ closets too!

Looking back at your time on Australian Idol is there anything you would do differently?

I believe in no regrets! I don’t think there is anything that I would change. Everything was meant to be.

What three tips would you give fans if they were thinking about auditioning for Australian Idol in 2009?

Mauboy: Be PREPARED (for anything!). It could go either way. Be brave. And just be you.

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Atiqah Hasiholan

Sunday, March 15th, 2009

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Full Name: Atiqah Hasiholan
Nick: Tiqah
Place & DOB: Jakarta, 03 January 1982
Height/Weight: 170cm/52kg
Occupation: Actress, model, theater manager
Hobby: Traveling, water sport (scuba diving), watching movies, reading
Language Ability: Indonesian, English
Education: Graduate from School of Arts and Psychology at Monash University Australia
FilmographyAnak Anak Kegelapan (Stage Performance, 2003)
FTV Dicintai Jo (2006)
FTV Saat Maut Menjemput (2006)
FTV Kau Membuat Aku Gila (2006)
Berbagi Suami/Love for Share – 2006 (Official Submission to the 2007 Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film, Best Director at Brussels Independent Film Festival 2007, Best Foreign Film at: the 26th Hawaii International Film Festival 2007, and the Palm Spring Film Festival 2007. Best Picture at: Bali International Film Festival 2006, Jakarta International Film Festival 2006, MTV Indonesia Movie Awards 2006, and Bandung Film Festival 2006)
Suster N (2007)
Cinta Setaman (2008)
Jamilah dan Sang Presiden (Stage performance, 2008)
Pintu Terlarang/Forbidden Door (2009) - Official Selection for the 38th International Film Festival Rotterdam 2009
Gila-Gilaan (2009)

Advertisement- Hemaviton Stamina Plus

Appearance in Videos- Music Video for Once
- Music Video for Ari LassoMana Ku Tahu

About Atiqah

Atiqah Hasiholan is one of the rising stars in Indonesia. She grew up in theater world thanks to her mother, Ratna Sarumpaet, a theater mogul, who got her involved in Satu Merah Panggung Theater since elementary school. And thanks to her experiences in theater, Atiqah became an actress who posses capability to ooze a strong charisma out of screen.

Her career in wide screen perhaps is still short and she always plays as marginal woman, yet through these roles, from time to time she shows the people she is a very potential actress and posses a natural acting. Atiqah’s first leading role in a theater was as a whore in ‘Jamilah dan Sang Presiden’ (Jamilah and the President) with famous actress Christine Hakim, (2003 Time Magazine Asian Heroes) then she plays as one of the wives in a movie about polygamy ‘Berbagi Suami/Love for Share’, and a karaoke girl in ‘Cinta Setaman’ (A Love of A Garden).

Before getting her feet wet in the film world, the youngest of the family decided to leave the stage and study in Monash University Australia. Having graduate from School of Arts and Psychology, Tiqah came back home and worked as a regular employee. However, her exotic look attracted some agency and finally lots of TV drama offers came her way as well as modeling.

The Kalyana Shira Film who happened to watch her stage act, offered Tiqah to play in her first wide screen film ‘Love for Share’, putting her acting head to head with all best senior actors such as El Manik, Jajang C Noer, Nungki Kusumastuti and Winky Wiryawan. In ‘Love for Share’ she plays a controversial role, a campus activist who becomes the third wife of a politician. ‘Love for Share’ won numerous local and international awards including Best Foreign Film on two international festivals and as official submission for Oscar 2007.

What makes Tiqah stands out among the newcomers is that she takes any roles seriously, no matter how little, big, significant or insignificant it is, as long as the film doesn’t sell story, dreams and physical body, and as long as it implies a good message inside. And she always feels thirsty to learn each character she got. Observation to places like prostitution areas or nightclubs, and learning the scripts wherever she goes.

After ‘Love for Share’, Tiqah got an odd offer to play in a horror-flick ‘Suster N’ (Nurse N). At first the outgoing and cheerful girl felt reluctant to accept the offer, since she felt that normally horror flicks are no far from tacky productions. Turned out, this one was different than the rest, because the film tends to be more ‘womanish’ and apply psychological approach to the character Tiqah plays. Senior actors like Ratna Riantiarno, Ade Irawan, Jajang C Noer, and Henky Solaiman who also play in ‘Suster N’ are an exceptional challenge and opportunity for Tiqah to enrich her acting skill, and also a proof that ‘Suster N’ is not just another horror movie.

Her latest movie ‘Forbidden Door’ made to the Official Selection for the 38th International Film Festival Rotterdam 2009 this month.

Today, besides plenty photo-shooting and filmmaking, the sun lover also joins her family business as the theater worker. She’s preparing ‘Jamilah Dan Sang Presiden’, a film adapted from the stage act she once played. In spare time she reads literature especially from one of world best authors Indonesia ever produced Pramoedya Ananta Toer. Despite her mother’s activity in politics and her intellectual capability, Tiqah refuses to take a shot in the political field. Acting is still her first love indeed.