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Anneke Jodi

Wednesday, April 21st, 2010
Anneke Jodi whose real name is Titi Hapsari Anneke Jodi (born in Manado, North Sulawesi, August 22, 1985, age 24 years) is an actor women of Indonesia. Anne, calls are familiar to children-2 of the 3 sisters and partner Jodi Sulistyoadi Soesilo Dyah Sukaning Tyas. Anne began acquainted with the entertainment world when her mother inserted by the former model to the John Casablanca Modeling School (JCM).

Starting from there, she got an offer from a modeling agency in Jakarta. His career also flourished. After often become a fashion model in a teen magazine, Anne expanded role of the art world. His first soap opera story Adinda, Anne acted as Adinda. Several other soap operas starring among others, the soap opera Prima Donna, Gatot Kaca, and Gol. He has also become a model Waisan ads, Pond's, Fresh & Natural, and BNI. Women's 168 cm bertinggi body was studying at the London School faculty majoring in Advertising and Public Relations has a Javanese descent from their parents. [Dunia Gadis]